When you say to your mates fancy getting out for an hour and we head to Garwnant park. The kids run around or get pushed on the swings, but in reality us adults are freezing. It was like two degrees! We love Garwnant, other than the space to run they even have a changing places toilet which is just fab!

So we grab the gloves and a drink from the car and start walking. What started as a little let’s have a look ended up on a two mile walk.

In all fairness we done it. How I’m still wondering that!
It’s hard enough with a four five and six year old without any challenges add to the mix of that two children with autism and one with a fear of dogs! Oh and we seen some dogs.
We went through mud and streams and we laughed.

It was quiet, I think that helped it wasn’t hot so we weren’t over heated and we made it. Not saying we’d ever achieve that again so we’ll accept today as a winner.
It was lovely to see three children run and enjoy the outdoors and three adults laugh and enjoy the fresh air something that we’ve not done in what seems like forever, meaning it’s been too long. Hopefully this is the start back of our Sunday adventures!

My waiting coffee was well deserved when I got back to the car!

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