It’s not often we get the sun on a bank holiday never mind a mini heatwave! It’s been quite warm the last few days.
Yesterday we headed to visit my parent down West Wales in the caravan, it was lovely on site but the beach kept the mist all day. We did plan to stop by aberavon on the way home but Z being Z knew we weren’t heading to the beach so an emergency phone call for dad to give me instructions and we ended up at the misty beach!

When we parked it wasn’t the beach Z had been to before here and he did sort of go into meltdown mode with both me and his father kinda holding him up and dragging him saying the beach is here! When he saw the beach that was ok, he got changed and ran straight in, and it was freezing!

He was happy to leave after having his splash about!
Today, he woke us at 3.44, yup stupid early.
So by 10.30 we were heading to the park where he tried to go to sleep. Haha unlucky buddy, wakes him up and drags him kicking and screaming into the park. He had fun running around. A quick stop by for a happy meal before heading to C’s also known as autism towers for the afternoon.

Getting him into C’s was a nightmare in itself as he wanted to take all his toys from the car. So he went in like a tornado. He did come around after her husband stayed with him! I should have taken that moment and left 😉
When he did come around he enjoyed him self, he bounced about, climbed played in the water and sat down to do a jigsaw!

Thank you C and R for having us!
We then came home and played in the garden where I’ve started to finally paint his climbing frame! Will finish that tomorrow when he’s at school!

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