The sun is shining so it’s time to get out as a family, pooches included. Since Z has learned that the pooches eat whatever he gives them, they are overweight. We found this out at the last vets appointment! So hubby, Z and I with said overweight pooches hit the Taff trail.  
An hour and half of walking later,about 2.5 miles, I have two tired pooches and an energetic toddler, who somehow haven’t had his nap today. I’d like to think that means he’ll be tucked up in bed by 7, and I’ll get chance to catch up with what’s building up on my planner. But I know that’s not going to happen as its Sunday night, before I get to relax all the cleaning has to be done, clothes put away and floors mopped. I say every week I’ll start it earlier and every week it doesn’t happen! Today will be the day cleaning will be done and I can sit with my coffee, galaxy and greys anatomy !  

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