Today we said goodbye to portage, yes, it was the last session. Can’t believe she’s been coming to play with Z for over a year and now it’s all done. She’s been fantastic with him and we’ll never forget her! 
It’s also his last week in Creche this week, with Christmas being next week the school term is over Friday. So that will be his last day. Again, been going there for over a year. He came home today with lots of Christmas crafts.
I know the girls said when they tried getting that green handprint he covered them in green paint! 
It’s also my last week of work. I want to take Z to school and being afternoons his school finish five minutes after the school I pick up from now, so it’s a case of for now I have to finish. I’m sure one morning I can help my dad out and go pick the kids up for him. Oh that’s his Christmas gift, an IOU of school runs! 
Ah so here’s to the rest of December, and starting his new chapter at the beginning of 2016. I’m thinking I mustn’t be sad for things ending as even though they’ve all been really good things, I’m sure we’ll see them all again! Even if it’s when Z can communicate and say thank you for himself ! 

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