I do this each year , have done since I started writing. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come.





This last few months I’ve read more from autistic adults than professionals, it was this year I learned who the real professionals were when it came to advice I needed in regards to autism it self. This year my A-Z’s maybe a little different. This year I think I learnt way more. I’ve learnt to go with my intuition more, I’ve learnt to look at the behaviour and reasons other than just accepting it as ‘autism’. Just because Z doesn’t speak that doesn’t mean he’s not communicating with me, I just have to stop,watch and look for signs.

A – Amazement. He amazes me everyday with what he can do, people are always quick to point out what people can’t do. If people just stopped they’d see what he can do.

B – beach, Z’s favourite place to go! Can’t wait for quarantine to be over to head straight there.

C – Character, Z’s character is really starting to come out, his wicked laugh and growing up ways!

D – D* The teacher we had to say goodbye to this year, the only teacher that has ever listened to me as a parent and believed in Z. Possibly the best teacher he may ever have.

E – Eating. Z’s diet is still rubbish, but now instead of worried ( I’m still a little worried it’s not a lot of foods!) I just give him what he will eat, I add some food and some times he may pick it up and I’m happy with that, he doesn’t eat it I’m ok with that too.

F – Family and friends, where Z would be without these people in our lives would be a different place to where he is now I think! They have all just accepted him, something I know we’re lucky with.

G – Gruffalo, he loves the Gruffalo, can say the story from memory! Will often hear him telling the tale!

H – Help, this year I’ve had to ask people to help me fight for what’s right for Z. The fight was a little bigger than I could manage alone. I’m hoping it’s all sorted, quarantine is helping, and truthfully I maybe a little sad when it’s over.

I – Instructions. Z can now follow simple instructions, so I say ‘light on’ he will turn it on! If he drops something he will say pick it up whilst picking it up!

J – Judgemental . As much as autism awareness week / day goes ahead people maybe gaining more of an awareness but acceptance I’m not sure. There’s still so many judgemental people out there. Hopefully in the not to distant future that will stop. Z will be able to lead his life without the tuts and the stares, without people telling him what he should be doing.

K – Karaoke machine, Z loves babbling through the microphone, sometimes he’ll sing some songs if he’s in the right mood to do so! I think he just likes the lights and the music in general!

L – Lazy – spa, the hot tub is still our best investment, he loves it and it gives him something to do! It’s filled with ducks and lights, a little bit sensory heaven for him in the winter!

M – Maths, this kid is like a little genius! I’m not quite sure what level he’s at I’m not sure we’ll ever really know where he’s at if I’m honest because he just laughs at me!

N – Nanny Deb and Sparrows. This last year Z has tried many more things thanks to Sparrows and he’s always been welcome! We’re looking forward to heading back when we’re allowed out!

O – Oso Oso, the band he found all by himself and made him listen to music and sing along. They may have some bad language but It maybe wrong but do I care? I think of Eminem and how well he’s done with a bit of language, let Z find himself through music!

P – Pyramid. This has taken up so much of my time in the last eight weeks or so. After being in quarantine for the last two weeks I now know I was right all along and Z can not take part in it again. Maybe one day I’ll write about it all.

R – Respite. Z has come on so far going with respite, he’ll go to a range of places and is happy. The few hours away gives him a chance of independence, parent free time whilst leaving new skills and all with someone he loves.

Q – Quarantine, ok it’s only the last two weeks but during this time I’ve found the happy funny Z again, I’m secretly hoping quarantine will be a few more weeks to try and see exactly what Z is capable of!

S – Sleep! What’s that? Since September Z’s sleep has been rubbish, these last two weeks out of school his sleep is better than ever!

T – Tries. Z tries to do most things, he tries his best to get on in a world that is so judgemental. He’s getting bigger, bigger kids don’t make funny noises and just run whilst out shopping, but he doesn’t care! What a way to be right?

U- Understanding. I’m still learning, I’m understanding why Z does so much of what he does now from listening to others.

V – Vain! Z loves looking at himself! Any small reflective object Z will find himself!

W – Words, Z can say so many words now, we may not be able to have a conversation but I know he knows them, he can spell them, he can type them he can say them, and most probably in way more language than I’ll ever give him credit for!

X – X-Ray! A strange one right, but Z will sit for ages watching silly videos on YouTube and then take photos using the x-ray vision setting!

Y – you tube! Z searches for what he wants so quickly by typing its quite impressive

Z – Z he always will be Z no matter what approach is used to change him I won’t allow it, Z is Z and I love him just the way he is.

So here’s my A- Z list this year, to see how far Z has come, how much progress he’s made, how they good time’s always out weigh the bad times!

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