April first, always known as April fools day, now it’s known as autism awareness day, April is autism awareness week or month or both. 
Last year I done my A-Z of Autism                              ( I’ve backlinked after to compare answers!) I’m going to attempt it again to see what’s changed if any.
A: Acceptance – I think people should be accepted for who they are, regardless of disability, gender or colour. The more we teach children now to accept everyone hopefully by the time Z is old enough he’ll be well on his way to being accepted for who he is. 
B: Blogs and or Bloggers – From reading other people’s blogs and chatting to bloggers I’ve learnt loads. No two autistic people are the same. Also that autism families stick together! 
C: Children – I’m lucky I get to take Z on the school bus. I’ve seen a huge progress in regards to children on the bus. He didn’t like sitting next to anyone, he now sits next to a little boy, going and coming home from school, often will just look at one another and smile. To notice children from his class outside of school and smile at them is huge progress.
D: Drums – we were lucky to find a drum tutor that took on Z, has the patience of a saint with him.  When I question after a bad time is it worth it, and he says persevere for a little while! He loves his drums! 
E: Energy – Where Z gets his energy from I dont know! I wouldn’t have that amount if I drank a few cans of red bull. 
F: Food –  Not sure compared to last year how many new foods we have in his diet but I think at least three to five. 
G: Grampa – To see the little bond growing between a grampa and grandson is huge, considering Z wasn’t really too bothered last year he was all nan! 
H: Happy – Something Z is most of the time. We’ve always said what a happy child he is. I’d love to be like him, not have a care in the world and be as happy as he is! 
I: IPad. A huge one! One I’d never be without. It’s taught Z so many things from letters to numbers to colours and shapes. 
J:  Jump – something only very recently Z had learnt to do, jump of something. Yup at 4.5 he would just walk off the settee now he jumps! 
K: kinder eggs – He will watch people opening these on YouTube for ages. He loves to crush them and get the paper out! Will actually say the word egg. 
L: Letters – He loves letters, he’s learning that he can communicate with spelling words which is fab, until it’s becoming an obsession . 
M: Micro Chips – A firm favourite food! 
N: Numbers –  Z is my little maths genius. How he knows his number bonds to hundred, that’s without what ever else he can do that I’ve not seen yet! 
O: Obsessions – Currently these are his numbers and letters. 
P: parents – Meething other parents going through the same sort of things has been great. Yes, my friends and family are fab, but they are not living with autism 24/7 365 days. Parents we can laugh, we can cry but mostly we have each other’s backs. 
Q: Questions –  I still have loads of questions, I’m not sure I’ll ever get all the answers. 
R: Routines – Don’t most children like routines! I’m lucky that Z’s are not strict strict. He needs his routine, we suffer more in holiday time than term time. But we can still struggle during the week. 
S: Spelling – Z is amazing at spelling. The more words he spells, the more he’s attempting to say them. His speech is coming on great! 
T: Teachers –  Without these he wouldn’t be doing things now, each and everyone of them need a huge shout out! Obviously I can’t name them ( and I’m pretty certain they don’t even know about this!) but they have been amazing. I know I can ask them anything, and if Z wasn’t happy he wouldn’t cry coming out he would be crying going in! 
U: Understanding –  This can be taken for both Z and people. I’m finding a lot more people seem to understand the struggles. For Z his understanding is getting much better. 
V: vocabulary – Z’s vocabulary is extensive! We recently saw a pig, it was very big. He said pig, then with all the words on his iPad he got the word Gargantuan up!  
W: Waking – Z still don’t sleep all night, most nights we see 2am and will go back at 5.45. Yes it’s harsh when the alarm is going off at 7! 
X: Xylophone – One word he spelt, that’s when I knew he could spell anything! 
Y: You Tube –  He can get you tube on anything, he knows what he wants and how to find it! 
Z: Z –  Of course it’s going to be Z for Z, he will always be Z and I’ll always love him for being Z. 

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