After doing A-Z of autism in 2016 and 2017 I went and done one for 2018.
I’ve not looked through but I’m guessing so many have changed.
A – Acceptance, something I think were still waiting on. The awareness seems to be places but are people really accepting of Z’s ways?
B – Books , at the moment Z loves books. I’m pretty confident that he’s actually reading them too.
C – Cwtches, Z now gives lush cwtches!
D – Destruction! Yes, Z causes mass destruction all the time!
E – Eggs, Z loves kinder eggs, well any eggs he can peel! He’s loving sitting with a boiled egg and peels the shell, ok he doesn’t eat the egg but it’s all progress that he’ll actually touch it!
F – Friends, these include my friends, and Z’s they are always there
G – * name of school begins with G, he loves it, the staff are amazing with him and I couldn’t have chosen a better environment or him to learn and progress in.
H – High Five. Yup, ask Z to give five and he does with a huge cheesy grin, say give another five and yup he does, two hands up and say give ten, he hits two hands and laughs!
I – Innocent smoothies! The amount he goes through we really should be living at fruit towers!
J – Jigsaws, he’s gone back to jigsaws, currently doing 150 pieces independently!
K – For his PA’s daughters name, who Z loves, she’s amazing with him, she watches out for him and accepts him for who he is, even though she’s not really that much older than him.
L – Laugh – Z’s laugh is infectious, he has such a belly roaring infecting laugh, even when he’s being up at 3am and I could happily dump him he still makes me smile listening to his laugh.
M – For Z’s PA, who like her daughter loves Z, will do anything with him and he’s really lucky to have found a really good PA.
N – Noisy, never let anyone tell you that a pre verbal child is quiet. Z Is nosier than anyone I know!
O – Over Sensitive, this is to people eating and certain noises. I think they hurt his ears and he lashes out. Hopefully this is something we can learn to control.
P – Progress. How Z has progressed in a year is amazing.
Q – Quick! When he wants to go or do something it’s always quickly! There’s no waiting around!
R – Repetition, Z’s learning to repeat lots more from single words to phrases.
S – Sleep, haha what’s that?
T – Teacher. Don’t get me wrong I’m hoping all Z’s teachers are going to be someone he loves, after seeing his annual review video and the one picture where he’s just looking at her with love means so much to me as his parent. Even though Z can’t tell me he likes school or he likes his teacher seeing his eyes light up when he sees her is enough to tell me he loves school.
U – Understanding. I think Z’s understanding is getting a little better, a few times lately I’ve asked him to get his shoes and he has! It all comes under progress right?!
V – Voice. Finally starting to hear his little voice is something that last year we didn’t really hear much of.
W – Water. He loves water, he loves swimming at school at loves the bath!he knows the sea and the puddles!
X – Xylophone, one of Z’s favourite words to spell, he also loves the musical instrument!
Y – Young, Z’s still young, we have plenty of opportunities to learn, plenty of time to achieve and spread awareness and plenty of time to ACCEPT
Z – Z will always be for Z, he is who is is and one I’ll not change!

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