It’s that time again, my A-Z of autism for autism awareness week.

Each year I’ve done this I never look back to see what’s the same or not until after I’ve written them.




And now 2019

A – Admire. I admire the sheer determination of Z on a daily basis.

B – Books. Z’s love of books and reading has come on so much.

C – Copying. Z is learning to copy, that’s with his drum lessons and even to copying what I say and putting it into context.

D – * his teachers name. To see the bond he’s made with her this last few months has just reassured me he’s fine when there’s people like her who just accepts him and loves him for who he is .

E – Environment, I’ve never kept Z in, we’ve always gone new places tried new things. This is a huge thing for Z, some work and some obviously don’t. But we’ll continue to try new environments along with the old!

F – Funny. I think Z is quite the character the way he scrunches up he’s little face, or he gets into your face babbling away and you can just make out one word, he giggles to himself! I’m forever saying ‘you make me laugh’!

G – Gummy bears, still one of his most played with toys!

H – Hot tub, the best thing I think we’ve bought!

I – ‘ I like to eat’, at the moment one of Z’s fave songs right now.

J – Joining in, to see Z start to join in in the Christmas concert gives me that little bit of hope that maybe he’ll start to join in with his friends.

K – K is for his auntie who he now calls ‘gap’, the one time she FaceTimed he took notice of the word gap on her top. A few days later he handed me the phone and said gap, she’ll always know be known as Gap!

L – * his respite workers name who’s gotten him to actually wait for food and sit inside McDonald’s!

M – Music. Z loves music, we’re back to drum lessons and he’s even getting more in school!

N – Nothing, nothing really bothers Z, if his needs are met then he’s happy, what a great way of thinking!

O – Ohana, family, this is a big one this year, after everything we went through last year, Z taught me so much, and without autism Z wouldn’t be Z.

P – Persistent! Z will continue to keep trying to do it until he succeeds!

Q – Quirky! Just because this is Z!

R – Ride along horse. The first ride along that Z has ever been able to play on, and he loves him!

S – School, he loves school, he’s come on so much to the little Z in 2016 when I first started my A – Z’s!

T – Taz – Tasmania devil! Maybe i should start calling Z taz the way he’s tearing the house apart.

U – Understanding. Z’s understanding has come on so much, from not only what you say to him but what you ask of him too.

V – Vain! He’s really started to notice himself in the mirror and he loves it!

W – Water! Not only for drinking but for swimming, splashing and playing . Z loves any water and that’s why we spend so much time in the sea!

X – xylophone. I’m sure I’ve used this before, but it’s one of Z words he always spells, he loves to play with a xylophone too.

Y – Yesterday, this is more for what ever happened yesterday happened yesterday. We’re always told to choose our battles. This in do every day, just because something worked or didn’t work yesterday doesn’t mean the same for today.

Z – Z for just being Z !

I’m sure many of these may have crossed over from a few years, I am on my fourth. It’s going to keep getting more difficult!!

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