Z had his portage sign off form today. To read the progress report for this past year he is in all honesty like a different child to when portage first came and met him all those months ago.
Part of the summary of the report, says, Z has made some pleasing progress, in his ability to engage with short start / finish tabletop activities, pleasing progress in socialisation around familiar people, improving eye contact and responses.
This is something there is no way she could have written back in August / September time when she first met him. So much has changed in the space of 15 / 16 months.
So now sees him starting his new journey after Christmas, I hope he will take to the staff the same way as he’s taken to portage, he could achieve so much.
A huge thanks for all the hard work portage and everyone else who’s been a part of Z’s journey this past year. I’m sure without each and everyone of you guys we would have struggled. I’m guessing we’ll see you all again at some point as I’m assuming it could be a very long journey!!

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