When the sun is shining and your mate says what you doing after school and there are no actual plans it’s a get in the car and head to the beach moment! 
Wasn’t too busy there when we arrived as it was 5.45! We were lucky to be able to park right on the seafront and not across the road in the car park. 
There’s two parks we could see, one toddler park and one bigger park, there’s also a skatepark there. 
We didn’t play in the parks this time, they had way too much fun on the beach! As it was quiet and the sea was way out they could run. 
Someone had kindly dug out a little pool for us, and both were happy to play in it! 

Yes he fell in it!  
We walked for a while to wards the top after they had run about, not sure what’s up there but there were lots of rocks. Maybe little rock pools, we can go exploring next time! 
I know the other way there’s another beach over the rocks that the dogs are allowed on, so it’s good that when we go as a family pooch can join in too! 

The promenade would be a nice little walk, there’s the new lesuire centre there, the cinema and a Burger King. They seem to be doing quite a bit of work, and will be nice too see what it is like when it’s all finished! 

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