When you stumble upon an article that tells you that drugs ease features of autism syndromes in mice.
So one I’m a little confused how the hell do they know if a mouse has autism? Do they line their little bits of sawdust up? Are they picky with their food? How do they even know a mouse has a meltdown? Can you get a non verbal mouse? Does that mouse not squeak? Does that mouse hate to be touched? Oh I know it doesn’t look at you when you’re squeaking at it! Or do they make art with their droppings?
Now I really want to see an autistic mouse, oh I’ll even have one for a pet, surely they don’t sleep they’ll make a great pet companion during the day!
Anyways I’ve kinda gone off on one here, just have visions of this non verbal mouse who don’t look at you …… laughable right!
So this autistic mouse that they are now treating with drugs that do something to the enzymes to regulate protein levels in neurones. But it’s no where near safe to use in humans as even a slightly wrong dosage would produce severe neurological impairment.
They maybe at a very early stage and some would say it’s progress, me no.
I still say autism is evolution, give it a few more years everyone will have autism, everyone will be different and everyone will be accepted.
Take the brown hare that gets moved to the poles, eventually that brown hare will learn to adapt, they’ll eventually turn white to be able to live, to not get eaten by predators.
Don’t try to cure autism, learn about it. I think this is how the future generation will be. There will be no more world wars, most people with autism hate noise, as for conflict, I’ve not met a person with autism that’s mean! May have a temper but they really are all lovable. They love their routines, there’ll never be public transport running late again!
Yes living with autism is hard, it’s mentally and physically draining but at the moment it’s new, even though I think it’s been around a lot longer than anyone will give credit for, were all learning to adapt. I know Z and his little friends really are the children of the future. Just because they don’t talk now who’s to say they won’t talk? They don’t even need to talk to communicate we’ve found that out already.
I’m only Z’s Mam I can’t say I don’t want him cured, of course I don’t he’s Z the way he is, but if he said when he was old enough he wanted to be cured then is t that up to him? When you get into autism groups people with autism don’t want a cure that’s who they are. So why are people who don’t have autism still looking for a cure?
Look for a cure for dementia or Parkinson’s something that will help.

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