Another month over, another month beginning. 

I can’t believe we’re into month four of the year already. Another month of so called dieting. No, this month I have to keep off the wheat and I’ll feel much better. I’ll start using mfp again and up my steps on my fitbit. In the sun I’ll walk, no problem, but the rain and wind is a no. Think I’ll treat myself to a turbo trainer so I can use my bike at home build up some sort of I can do this before I hit the trail! I need to loose a few pounds by summer that’s fast approaching. I see others doing it, I know the starting off is the hardest part, I will get there. 

It’s also another month to keep at my blog. As I’m new to all this I’m still unsure of what I’m supposed to be writing about. Like I said in my first post, most of Z’s stuff I write in his book, so don’t want to bore you guys with that.  But, I’m so proud of him this week and last, as if I ask him where his nose is he’ll touch his nose! If I ask him what sound a horse makes he’ll click click with his mouth. Little steps, but to me they are huge steps! 

So, I have another month to see what he can achieve next. 

Another month of teaching him, another month of learning new things myself, learning things as a family, or learning things as a friend. Let’s hope this month will be a good month, lots of sun to get out and see things,meet up with friends old and new and swap the coffees for those slushies! 

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