Why is Z always sick? It started Saturday when he had the runs, was up most of the night Saturday, the good side was I ordered a few Xmas gifts! He was good all yesterday other than tired. Then I heard him babble and have a little grump around 3, but as he wasn’t crying I left him. Went to wake him at 7.40 for work and poor guy had been sick and filled his nappy, both had gone everywhere. I feel so bad. He had to have a shower before I left for work. 
So today is spent cleaning his room, washing clothes drying them and putting them away. He’s happy enough to sit with his iPad and watch you tube, that’s what sick days are for yea?! You’d watch tv or films Z watches you tube. He’s very quiet and not really eaten much, half a slice of toast and he wanted crisps so crisps he’s eaten. I’m lucky he will drink water for me. Hopefully it’s a 24 hour thing and were good for tomorrow, even though he can’t go back to Creche till Wednesday as it stands. 
 When I’m waiting on my second lot of washing to finish I’m having a slice of Z’s birthday cake with a coffee! 
Yea, Z noticed the cake and decided to put his hand right through it! I get to eat this cake as mam made it with wheat free flour! Yea mam! 

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