When you think you have a few weeks to think of questions, or a few weeks of just not thinking, which is where I’ve been the last few weeks! I kind of got my head around to let’s leave Z be until at least January.
Tomorrow I have the education pyscologist coming, yup, tomorrow it was a wow moment around 11.30 this morning! I’m excited, of course I’m excited, it’s one step closer to getting the help and support Z needs before his next appointment in August. But to be honest I wasn’t expecting this appointment until July time so now I’m back to the what if J, not the I’d like to say quite calm J others may disagree with that!
So, tomorrow, the whole what’s going to happen, where do I go from here, will he start school this year? I got my head around the fact that I don’t believe mainstream will be the best option for him right now, I think he’ll struggle. Yes, he could really progress in 5 months, but In reality I don’t think enough for school.
Will she tell me tomorrow that he has to start school in November? When I’ve just got my head around keeping him as my baby for a little while longer? Is baby the wrong choice of word? I don’t want to hold him back, if he was ready he’d be in school 9-3 like he could be. I’d be lost for the first few weeks but I’m sure coffee and catch up on TV series would keep me amused!  Z I have to think of, and I think keep him as he his right now, he’s making loads of progress, do I want to possible ruin that by dumping him in school?
Why rush him? If he can stay as he is and still make progress isn’t that what is best for Z?
I’m sure I’ll find out tomorrow, I’m quite scared! As supportive as G is, I don’t think he’s still got his head around the word autism and son in a same sentance. Yes, that will change and he’ll also put Z’s needs first. So what ever school he’ll go to and when he goes we’ll be ok. I’m hoping we’ll be ok!

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