On Sunday after the Nas purple tie ball, hubby was nursing his hangover so J and I decided to go exploring! Thanks to a page on Facebook where people post fun days out. We tried to find the sultan pit pony. 
So txts a mate to ask is this where she goes, and if so is it suitable for Z. Yes it’s fine, lots of nice open space to run, he’ll love it. No ponds, lakes or drops. No, that’s the other end you won’t walk that far. 
So off we go, Z’s bike in the boot.  Post code in sat nav.
We passed it, no sat nav says keep on going. Sign says keep going. Sat nav takes us to a housing estate. Wrong place must be back where we missed so off we go. 
Out we get, try to look at the ‘map’ and Z starts by wanting to climb. He’s not climbing as there’s a drop. He’s kicking and screaming I’m getting hot and bothered. Shouts and sticks him on his bike. Really wish I had his pram. 
We follow the path, mmmm don’t look to Z safe! 

Ponds, at least this one has a fence around it! 

Let’s go exploring, behind this fence is a train track! 

Z had lots of fun exploring his surroundings. Any one for ‘risky’ play?! 
We follows the path Z wanting to get on his bike, but can’t deal with the waiting as E being younger is still a slower walker. So E has a go on the bike and Z walks same speed. He’s lately taken to liking being on my back, but don’t hold on. Scared he’ll fall back, so I’ve just ordered a carrier. Yes, he’s 3.5 and yes he should be walking, but the difference are Z can be overwhelmed, maybe being on my back calms him. I’ll try anything. At least I’m not dragging a pram around or a bike. Having to leave it to chase Z, a carrier on my back will be like a rucksack. I’ll let you know how we get on with that, may try it Sunday! 
It’s that point when It’s gotten to much for Z and he don’t want to wal for whatever reason, he runs laps of the house, soft play and school so it’s not as if he can’t walk where I’m taking him coz physically he can cope, mentally is another thing. 
As much as people accept him, I don’t know if they grasp that part. People say my 3.5 year old would be made to walk no prams here, but you are not dealing with Z ordinarily I’d say a 3.5 year old should be walking too. 
Anyways! Back to the car, coffee and a bar of chocolate we follow the road around after being told we were in fact the wrong part! Older kids on bikes or scooters would be fine this end! 

What a difference! Open space, and lots of it! Z could run and be safe! 

We Did  stand in the ponys ear and look at the view. Z ran back and forth with the wind in his face and loved it! 

Yes, what a view we didn’t manage to get to the observatory this time, we will go back, maybe when I have Z’s carrier! 
Treated J to a trip home via the boggey road! 

Apart from litter we saw lots of sheep, lambs and real live ponys!

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