This week has gone pretty quickly, suppose having a week off does. We have not achieved much this week, we’ve not been any where with the girls, no playgroups or coffee mornings as its half term. The weather hasn’t been the best either. In theory not being very far should mean a clean house, I wish! As fast as I tidy Z makes a mess. He’s just go gone to bed, I’m enjoying a wheat free ice cream cone, before I put clothes away and tidy up ready for another week! Can not believe tomorrow is the start of June, six months into the year, halfway to a new year. We decided that during the summer we are going to attempt to turn the spare room into a sensory room. This will be Z’s birthday and Christmas gift!
As I’m back to normal this week with work it means we get to go back to playgroups and see the girls, yea! Tomorrow Z is going to a kids fit class, I’m hoping he’ll enjoy it! Get him nice and tired for bed!
He’s making progress in starting to let us know who’s boss, unlucky little guy in this house I’m the boss, just ask your dad! It’s good that he’s trying, it’s at this point I have to be firm, if he had tried when he was a little younger he would’nt be so strong. The kicking and lashing out at bed time is a big one at the moment. Or if you want him to do something he don’t want to do, look out. Yes, I know that’s normal toddler behaviour, I’d rather the word no at this point, instead of the I’m going to claw your eyes out instead, just to get my point across. I’m hoping it’s a phase, these things are always phases, right?!
We hope! The whole screaming and getting him self worked right up is hard to watch, scared he will hurt himself when he throws himself backwards. But what to do, saying the word no is just adding fuel to the already lit fire. So my tactic is to ignore him. Ignore the kicking and screaming in his room, he’s safe, I know he’s safe he’s still in a cot. Maybe as he gets older I could make a jail cell in his room instead of a cot? Okay, maybe not!
Well, let’s put the rest of the ducks away, and find the green egg, if J has taken him home…….

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