This month I had to buy a bag, my first bag of 2018. I had been shopping, used my bags, then headed to a different shop and picked up a few too many things to carry out minus a bag. The good thing is that it will be reused, with Z being toilet trained his spare (wet) clothes can be put in it.
This month I’ve changed my flash floor wash to my own made, using vinegar some washing up liquid, essential oils and water. It’s lasting much longer! I always use this for my spray bottle that cleans everything from my kitchen to my bathroom.

I’ve gone from my plastic razor to a safety razor the only thing needing to be changed there is the blade, that will take me ages.

One of the biggest things I had changed was my coffee, instead of the milk and coffee pods I was just using the coffee and warming my soya milk up. I changed to ground coffee and reusable pods. I also bought loose tea leaves for the husband and actually made him a cup of tea! He said it was a lovely cup of tea, and I’m not known for my tea making skills! So next up I’ll be finding a re use for my ground coffee.

So in four months I’ve changed.
Bleach – Home made Toilet Bombs.
Lush bath bombs – Home made bath bombs.
Microfibre Cloths – Cotton Re usable ones.
Sanitary products – Re usable ones.
Plastic Razor – Safety Razor
Plastic bottles of Soap – Home made soap.
Shower Gel – Home made soap.
Shampoo and conditioner- Bars
Microfibre Cloths – Cotton Reusable ones
Kitchen Roll – Cotton reusable ones.
Cleaning Spray – Home made with vinegar.
Clingfilm – Home made beeswax wraps
Tin Foil – Baking paper
Coffee pods – Ground Coffee
Tea bags – loose Tea leaves
Washing powder – Soap nuts
Fabric Conditioner – Vinegar and essential oil.
Floor Cleaner – Home made.
Pegs – Stainless steel
Other things
Z’s plastic lunch bag to tin, no plastic bags food is wrapped in beeswax wrap. Stainless steel bottle. I Carry at least two bags in my bag at all times. A keepy cup for long journeys. Started my first eco brick. Home made wax melts and lip balm.
I’ve attempted to work out how much I’ve saved in three months January- March, and it comes in at around £160. Yes I’m buying the things to substitute but a box of bicarbonate is 1.79 citric acid £1 and that’s keeping Z in bath bombs for around a month, the essential oils I had gifted to me so an even bigger saving!

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