Well hello, can’t believe we’re into the eighth month already, as I say every year but it’s flying. In two months I’ll have a five year old. Wow. 
So week two of the holidays is over, heading into week three. All we’ve had is rain, rain and guess what more rain. What’s the point in planning anything when the rain just gets in the way. 
Dad has been off for two weeks and we’ve been no where really, can you really count the bay and for lunch a fun day out?We’ve  achieved nothing well other than two tidy bedrooms, can’t class Z’s as it’s covered in Tsum tsum and books that then had to be put back into a mess to take the flooring up. 
This week Z’s speech had seen a massive progress, we’ve had lots of new words, he’ll attempt to sing songs, baa baa black sheep, head shoulders and three in a bed! Actually quite cute. Today I’ve had open jelly, next we’ll work on please! His counting has come on and can understand most of the numbers, he’s counted independently to thirty and fifty I have heard him say numbers sixty plus! 

The progress he’s making is amazing, he’s already a different child to the one that finished school two weeks ago. I can’t wait to see how they work with him come September! 

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