Middle of the week again, with the weather outside being so yucky I feel like it’s coming close to Christmas, too early for a tree?! 
 We had a bit of a lazy morning today, before Z went to crèche, well Z and I did, G was busy back in work! After yesterday and Monday’s busy days I thought it would be nice to do nothing. That’s exactly what we did this am. 
 Yesterday was his ENT appointment. We’ve waited for this appointment since last Novemember, doctor wasn’t that concerned really, just if he has any more ear infections to give him more antibiotics. Cheers. But he does want to see him back in six months. 
As he was a very good boy, for doctors, we went to pizza hut, Z likes it here and eats pizza. So yesterday tried him with ham and pineapple, the first slice he didn’t notice by the last he had, so can’t say for sure but don’t think he likes pineapple as he was pulling them off! 
Came home to duck lining. He’s started to do this again lately! 
Today, I dropped Z off at Creche, I didn’t have work, more to get him used to going back in September, I’m glad I choose a day nursery for him now and not someplace that’s only open term time. The girls said he was good, he fell asleep coming home so must have worn himself out! But he’ll know now that after a bath tonight it’ll be bed time, hoping being back at Creche have given him back some of that routine. I was lost mind when he was at crèche, so went and booked my new tattoo, so excited for next week. Get mine covered with a jigsaw piece, with  his name inside. 
 Swimming tomorrow then bingo with my mate, quite excited about that too, it’s something to knock off my 40 things list. Not sure what’s happening Friday yet, but it will be vodka Friday! 

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