Oh my, August, five weeks today and Z starts school.
We’ve not really managed to go far in the week G has been off, all it’s done is rain, and it’s pointless taking Z to a soft play that’s going to be packed as that’s not going to end well! 
Today Z had a hearing test, another one. There were some sounds he didn’t even react to, now is this an autism thing that he didn’t want to look towards the sound, or he didn’t hear it. He’ll need another one, it’s something they’ll keep and eye on alongside ENT.
Tomorrow we’ll go to soft play, haven’t been for a few weeks so it will be nice for Z to run about with E. 
There’s four months left of 2016, I can look back to my posts from January where there’s lists of I want to achieve this year. So far the weight loss is no where near my goal! Well when the doctors can’t work out why I’m not loosing weight when I’m eating the correct food. Maybe it’s the gallbladder. It’s being taken out in two weeks. I’ll spend the last two weeks out of action. I just hope it’s nice weather so Z can go play in the garden.  Then after ending up in a & e a few weeks ago after having an allergic reaction, it could well be milk. I’ve been advised to keep off all milk, waiting on blood results. I’m just glad the docs are finally taking me seriously. 
Looking back this year lots have happend, good and bad! 
I’m hoping that when Z is in school I maybe able to start taking the pooch for a walk in the morning, or even go swimming. I know I have at least four years of cleaning to do! I’ll be able to clean a room and it’ll stay tidy for longer than ten minutes! Then when he gets in from school it will be back in the same state, but I’ve tried!!

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