Today is my nans birthday, so I had to go visit. Did I want to? Honestly after last time no. But it was something I had to do for myself. Will I go again, I don’t know. I want to, for that brief moment of she knows us, and I mean brief. Or that one minute conversation, That you could say didn’t make any sense, but it was my nan, like when she first got diagnosed and didn’t make much sense! 
 She made me laugh with telling a worker she didn’t have trousers on, she was wearing black trousers! But it was my nan. 
 Getting in and watching Z have a mad 20 min ( high on nans birthday malteasers and minions!). Made me think, what would happen if Z had Alzheimer’s. Would the autism be forgotten too? Ok, yea I know he’s not even 3. But, it’s just me. What happens if he still likes to line things up when he’s older, would he forget that he likes to line things up?Maybe I should run it passed his portage worker before the main doctor, I have a few days too Google! Good old google! At least this time I’ve read that the autism gene? Is it a gene? Kind of knocks out the Alzheimer’s gene, think gene is the wrong word. But something to do with the brain. 
 They say autism is rising in the young but they also say Alzheimer’s is rising in the old, is autism rising to mend the brain of the old who’s getting Alzheimer’s. They say the body is clever, how clever are we? Has any body researched this? Or do they need the clever autistic people to make the connection? Wonder how many old people with Alzheimer’s have great grandchildren or grandchildren with autism? They then say autism and Ivf are higher, again what’s the ratio of Alzheimer’s people to children, grandchildren or great children who under go ivf, so does that mean that either people can’t have children to stop Alzheimer’s or that ivf is needed for the autism and that’s what stops Alzheimer’s ? 
 Yes, it’s Friday, and I guess it’s too much thinking for a Friday evening. I won’t forget mind, I’ll come back! Let’s go get ready for a night at J’s with some vodka! Vodka Friday!! 
 Have fun with whatever your doing this weekend 💜

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