As much as the changes the last week has effected Z, these have been mentioned on Facebook and me making some sort of humour out of it it’s kind of gone like this.

Last week Z was quiet at home not quiet himself. Thursday I learned his teacher was off sick. That explains the quiet.

Saturday Z had an epic meltdown where sobbing he was just repeating ring L here ring L. When he had calmed down I realised this was his teacher. I never call her by her name but her surname. This was Z’s way of telling me he missed her.

Monday he wouldn’t go to school. I said come on let’s go see teacher, he dived down the stairs and I left him at school like a spinning top.

He was wound all day. We’re on Thursday now and he’s a mix of emotions. He’s had a few accidents, one minute he’s laughing the next he’s crying.

Today he came out in a bit of a mood, had a little paddy on the bus and ended up getting undressed. This is something he’s been doing this last two weeks, and this is done quickly, completely naked .

There’s only so many battles you can pick. This week alone he’s gone into school with a tub of Pringles and 12 packets of crisps.

Yes I laugh, yes I’m scared of the next time his teacher is off, and yes I’m terrified for September.

But, I’m also chuffed. Z has made a friend. Ok he may have to work on the age of the friend and aim more at his peers and not the teacher, but how many times do people with asd kids say they prefer adult company. With that in mind he’s doing well.

He’s learning life skills. He’s learning to interact, he’s learning to make a bond, he’s learning to love and most of all he’s learning heartache . As a parent this gives me confidence that he can achieve these things. With his teachers input he can be helped to control his emotions.

With life skills come emotions.

They say at around 2/3 years separation anxiety starts kicking in. Maybe a little later. What happens if emotionally he’s only now that age. I’ve not had to deal with separation anxiety and to be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be the forming of an attachment to the teacher!

He couldn’t tell me his teacher wasn’t in, he wasn’t getting his cwtches that he’s used to, he wasn’t getting his needs met in the way he’s used to. All he could do was try an process it the only way he knew. If he could have told me she wasn’t in I could have said she’ll be back. I could have reassured him.

Now she’s back he has no way of controlling his excitement. So he’s wound up and what goes up must come down! That’s when we have the crying.

I have no idea what this means for him next, how long will it take for him to realise she’s back. He has next week and then we’re off for two weeks. Will this help reset his emotions so to speak?

Is it wrong that I’m also a little excited? If it is indeed separation anxiety that is part of a normal development stage to help children with relationships and I’d say more importantly master their environment. This is all positive steps for Z right?!

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