Yesterday we took Z to Cardiff to ‘blow bubbles for autism’ was a good day. Lots of bubbles and nice to meet other people. He had a go on the carousel ride, didn’t want to get off! Maybe a trip to the fair will be soon….
After blowing bubbles we went over to Ed’s diner for some diner, Z had his fries and done really well, he sat for most of the time, until a few more came in and he wanted out!
We tried our luck in techniquest, last time we went was before Z was diagnosed with autism, he struggled, looking back didn’t realise it had anything to do with how busy it was. This time he had more fun. It wasn’t as busy and he could sort of run! He tried always to drink the water and found it funny when he was chasing it to drink it! Think his favourite part was the drums! 
When we got home, a few of my mates went to the park to blow some more bubbles for autism! 

So all in all our first time of joining in with autism awareness day we really enjoyed! Now here’s to the next month and all the months afterwards!  

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