With more tv series starting and autism in the press more, it always shows autism as these ‘clever’ people. They show people in working conditions and in mainstream school.
Never is it shown the hardships that some families face daily, the frustration of not being able to tell you what they want, or the frustration of not being able to get out their emotions, to the mess of the home as most children I’ve now met are all sensory seeking. If that means climbing and jumping like Z, pulling everything out, to smearing. Now that’s one thing I really couldn’t deal with. I couldn’t deal with the smell, never mind cleaning it all up. To the family arguments from all being so tired, and the child taking up all the time. Most people don’t have the baby sitters to be able to enjoy a date night, or even a quick trip to the cinema.
Then you have the violence. This one I’ve not come across yet, as I was told always add on yet to autism I’ll add it on to the negative. The hitting, kicking, spitting, house trashing, yes this happens, a lot. Parents being used as human punch bags.
As fast as I clean my house Z comes behind me and everything comes back out, he doesn’t play with it he just likes them out. Why? I don’t know, maybe it’s just something he can control. He’ll always be able to control that as he can always find something to pull out. I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll never have a tidy house, if there’s wallpaper he’ll try to peel it off, there’s grubby hand prints everywhere from his climbing, go upstairs and every bed will be stripped any time of the day, things will be on the floor. From bits of crisps crushed up, again every time you hoover he then wants another packet.
People don’t see the struggles of change, of attempting to go shopping, or when you do manage to get out and that child is still in nappies but no place to change a five year old, that’s stress.
The meltdowns that can last hours, the reason unknown.
No one sees the struggles. No one sees the worries of the parents. No one sees the parents cries as I think it’s just something we just get on with.
I asked what others thought.
Miriam who blogs over at Faithmummy says
“ The through the night worries of your child. The meetings where everything is blamed on your parenting. The behind the closed doors relationship struggles because of lack of sleep, stress and money worries.”
Victoria who blogs over at Star light and stories says
“For me, it’s the look of utter delight on my daughter’s face at the unconditional love of her brother. I was so worried how she would cope with a sibling, but his adoration makes her braver everyday.”
Then Reneé over at Mummy tries .
This part with permission is taken from Here.
“All any parent wants is for their kids to be happy, and it’s heartbreaking watching them be sad………it’s made me realise more than ever that she needs kindness and love to be bestowed upon her from all directions.”

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