*I started writing this at 4am when Z was up and had been up since 2.45! 
What does autism mean to me now nearly a year after thinking Z has autism, and six months after diagnoses. 
As I’m listening to him babble away for the last hour, I’ve learnt that a non verbal person with autism isn’t quiet! Before Z was quiet! Before he found that little voice, before he learnt he could do many sounds with that little voice! From shouting to whispering, that’s a new skill thanks to school. 
I’m thinking we’re always going to go through patches of no sleep. Why? Because that’s what Z does! I know he’s not doing it on purpose, tonight I thought he had woken up cold, as he had undressed himself before bed, yup, taken off his all in one and sleeping bag, I found him with the sleeping bag over his head. I put pj bottoms on him and socks, didn’t want to wake him by putting a top on him so left the heating on instead. Other nights when he wakes up I don’t know what wakes him! 
I’ve learnt just because he couldn’t do something doesn’t mean he never will. I have a different child to this time last year, one that has made tremendous progress in every area. 
His eye contact has improved loads with familiar people. He knows what he wants now and how to get it. He notices loads more and he will copy when he wants to, something this time last year he didn’t do at all.
Z will take notice of most things, he’s still interested in how things work, and will start to use a car to go down a garage, he will throw a ball and laugh, he knows how to use a scooter, just needs a little bit of practice! 
So when I was told autism I was also told what ever he can’t do add on a yet, that yet may come in the next few weeks months or even years, but it will come. 
This morning Z woke at 8, I’ve done nothing but yawn! Z seems fine, ok he looks a little tired but I’m most probably looking like something from the walking dead!! He’s gone to his drum lesson and will give it ago, he’s learning to copy when he wants to.
By 3.20 when the bus has been going five minutes he’ll be sleeping! That’s going to be a fact! 
I’ve also learnt that yes, I did make the correct choice in where I sent him to school, I’m glad I choose special school as I’ve seen a big change in him, he loves it, he can’t wait to get in and still all smiles coming home that’s gotta be a good sign havnt it! 
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