So for two of my jobs Easter is over, for one they are still on holidays.  Z was up nice an early this morning as if he knew we were going to work. So we got ready and walked to collect the bus, no school! My dad failed to inform me. But I wasn’t mad, I felt relieved that I had some sort of normal back! I’ll go to work at 1 o’clock today after Z and I have been to playgroup. Will he have a sleep around 12? Only time will tell!

 I’d like to say my week off has been nice, of course it’s been great not having to work, who doesn’t like a week off? But in all honesty I’d rather be working.

My week has had its ups and downs, again who’s doesn’t? I’ve enjoyed the time off the going places and not having to clock watch. We’ve had a laugh, we’ve walked, visited Margam Park ( I’ll write a separate post on that soon), we’ve walked in the sand, but best of all I think Z had fun!

Now let’s head to playgroup to see the girls! 

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