If I have to say Z bed once more I’ll be saying it in my sleep, that’s if I manage to get any sleep tonight!
This morning for portage I think I was running on thyroxine, three espressos and a latte! Hey I got through the day. Think they all started wearing off after diner. 
Think even though Z was tired he didn’t have a bad portage session, he kinda listened, whilst crunching on polo’s, he somewhat done what was expected of him. 
I wish he would listen now, Z bed is running thin, as he’s getting back out and hitting the radiator, I shout Z bed and getting back no, no, no. Hahahaha. I keep telling myself these are leaps or milestones and won’t continue! ( they can’t continue, I’ve not seen a zombie mam about so they must sleep at some point!!) yes, I’m not a happy bunny on no sleep, can you tell? 
He’s making loads of progress, really starting to take notice of his surroundings. Picking up words, and giving a lot more eye contact  to the people he knows.  I’m excited to see what school is going to do for him. 

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