When I got offered to review * some posters from Edu prints plus I jumped at the chance after looking at their website.

There’s so many lovely posters to choose from it was really difficult to choose just three!

I know Z can read, maybe he won’t always say things out loud but he can read and takes notice of what he reads so with all the posters having quite positive messages, I knew he’d love them.

They also came at the right time, we’ve recently turned over Z’s bed and he’s taken to pull the stickers off his wall it needs to be painted, we can’t do this all at once so putting the posters up means he’ll get used to those then we can paint!

There’s many posters to choose from, I loved the vocabulary ones, for children like Z the emotion ones could be a game changer, lots of words to describe one emotion like happy.

For schools I thought the times table ones were lovely, nice and bright with an animal into the number.

Each poster is printed in the London studio on to thick A3 350 gsm art paper, that smooth thick stuff! They have a lovely smooth finish to them too. They also have surface protection the website says, ‘sun, moisture and food fights,’ so I’m taking that as grubby little hand too! To be honest they are too nice to even test that theory out so I’ll be getting them into a frame sooner rather than later.

Z loves his new bedroom art, as we were sticking them on the wall one dropped off, he quickly got down collected it and tried sticking it back up. He also sat and tried to read them all.

I think out of the ones I choose my favourite is the Don’t be afraid to be different’, we all know Z is different but I try and teach him every day it’s ok, now seeing that poster everyday will reinforce that!

You can buy your posters directly from the Edu prints plus website, where there’s currently buy four get your fifth poster free!

* I was gifted our photos for an honest review

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