When we were asked * if we wanted to go to see Ben and Holly at the new theatre I was a little nervous, all those people and Z. If I didn’t try I’d never know right! 
So off we went, was a little hectic when we got in, maybe we should have left a little earlier or gone in when the crowds left, but he handled it well being in his buggy with his iPad helped. Dad held on to Z when I took the buggy down stairs. Then we headed to our seats. It was packed, Z was smiling. 
“Somewhere, hidden amongst the thorny brambles is a little kingdom where everyone is very very small…”
The brightly coloured stage caught his attention, I must say how basic the props were worked really well. 
When the show started Ben, who is an elf and Holly, the young fairy princess,  quickly caught Z’s attention, Z has never seen Ben and Holly on TV, he’s only seen them as figures so how his reaction was going to be I didn’t know. He’s never been to the theatre before not even the cinema. We couldn’t take his iPad off him so he did have it right throughout the show, where as if it wasn’t a children’s show I don’t think this would have been possible. When they started counting to ten Z was in his element, he didn’t take his eyes away from the stage. When everyone was shouting he was just looking around, it could have gone any direction, he could have cried, ran or played up, but he sat there smiling. 
As the story progressed, he did sit back and looked through his iPad, but he was getting words up that matched what was on the stage, ‘Frog’, he loved the frog, my favourite was the ladybird! This meant that he was still taking on board what was happening on the stage. 
What I liked was the way there was singing and dancing mixed in, so when he was starting to become restless, they would start singing and would catch his attention again! I loved the fact that they included the audience too, can you tell we’ve never actually been to anything like this before?! I really liked them flying back to the kingdom heading towards the interval. Z seemed a little confused here as we didn’t leave! He was fine when it started back up. 
Again, the use of such simple brightly coloured props worked well. They kept his attention throughout the second half, I did think that the second half was a little louder but that could have just been me. He done very well to sit again throughout the second half, he smiled and clapped, and when they sang happy birthday he stood up with a huge grin on his face. No, it’s not his birthday he just likes the song! 
My husband enjoyed it too, his words were, ‘It was brightly coloured, fast paced, music was goodand as a parent it wasn’t terrible to watch, it wasn’t boring!’ So think I have a Ben and Holly fan on my hands. 
Ben and Holly little kingdom is on at New theatre Cardiff Saturday 4.pm and Sunday 10am and 4pm. You can book tickets here, prices range from £9-£16 if you don’t have anything planned I’d highly recommend it. 
 Thank you New theatre for giving Z the chance to experience the theatre, hopefully this will be the start of something we can eventually enjoy together. 
* we didn’t pay for our tickets and were gifted them for an honest review. 

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