Friday, it’s come around a lot quicker this week!  Very quick in fact.
 Overall this week has been so much better than last week. I had Z’s educational psychology report through already, and put the statement letter in too. Reading it through, maybe put everything into perspective I think, it’s written in black and white, what I’ve been saying , and , or feeling for months. I’m glad I’ve made that decision and now I can move on, I’m really thankful that the health visitor actually believed me and didn’t push it off to oh he’ll get there in his own time like the first two had done! When people say how bad their health visitor is, I can’t give mine enough praise and credit, as without her, I’d still be struggling the,  I think. 
 We went to the library today, Z has been going there for months now. Today he was laying down and just started crying, nothing there, no mark, but he wouldn’t open his eyes, and if he could have crawled into me I think he would have. He was trying to get under me, and when he did come around he still would not open those eyes. He’s gone straight to sleep now we’re home. I’ll have to remember to ask about it. 
 When he wakes up he’s going to see his nan, and as it’s Friday he gets his fish finger happy meal! As I’m not working I’m going to come home and clean! Yup I can’t wait, how exciting. I’m thinking if I start putting his toys away now I’ll only have to mop later and can carry on reading my book! 
 Last night we went to the monthly indoor area run by NAS M, Z really enjoyed himself, ran around smiling, even went on the equipment this time by himself. This time I wasn’t scared either! I knew faces and was much better!! How sad am I getting scared in my 30’s. 
 Tomorrow is Z’s sponsored walk, we are walking roughly 6 miles, I’ve organised it, and all Z’s playgroup buddies are joining in. I’ll take lots of pictures and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! 
 What ever your doing this weekend hope you all have lots of fun! 

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