I’ve been wanting to put my Christmas decs up for ages, but it hadn’t been my birthday, so I held off. Yes, I know early as its still in November. 
On Saturday It was my birthday. I should have gone to a Zumba Christmas party on Friday evening, but with my birthday being the following day, and J not being able to make it, I stuck to my vodka Friday night at J’s.
Yes, she has her Christmas tree up! My mate LJ, joined us too this Friday, well it’s not every week it’s your birthday! Me and LJ had a shot or two, think it looks quite pretty with the tree in the background! 
I also had cake! 
Happy birthday to me! 
Next week we’ll have Christmas drinks! Just incase things happen and Christmas will come and go before we have chance like last year, when I was sick! Hopefully this year we will have Christmas Eve Eve drinks! 
Today, I put my tree up, my theory is I can’t have a Christmas drink next week at J’s if my tree isn’t up, and I’m not going to have much time this week with work. Tomorrow after portage I’m taking my nan to the Celtic Manor for afternoon tea. Looking forward to that as never been before! Then hospital Tuesday, kids fit Wednesday, and G working Thursday, so it had to go up today. 
Z was quite excited, more so to collect the baubles off it! He’s not attempted to get the ducks off, just the balls. 
Could be a long 4 weeks! But I don’t care, Christmas is coming and I’m excited!! 

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