Birthday! Fair play I think Z had a lovely day. He woke, came down stairs to see the decorations and had a huge smile on his face.
I can’t say he really opened many presents, but he had a go. Last year he didn’t even try. He seemed to have noticed everything. He particularly liked the balloons! Dad had to blow each one up, and then they were meant to be in a line on the settee, balloons don’t line very well though! 
We went down to nans for dinner. Think Z had fun, he picked his own present in the week, when he noticed what was wrapped up he couldn’t keep the excitement off his little face. He couldn’t wait to get the dog out of the box he had to have his head in there! 
At one point today I’m sure he said cake and birthday. 
Safe to say it may have been his favourite toy today! 
He’s done very well for himself, so thanks to everyone for all his birthday wishes, cards, money and gifts. 
He’s tucked up in bed, sleeping soundly, think I’ll be joining him soon. 
Happy birthday Z x 

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