As I’m sitting here watching Z pull out each duck and figure and generally make a mess, giggle and babble I can’t believe that this time three years ago he was still in my belly! 
I’m pretty sure around this time I had my sweep and was in bed feeling very sorry for myself! 
Three, where have the last three years gone. Okay I could say this last year went to hospital appointments, speech and portage, but they’ve been well worth the time! 
Three years ago after my sweep I was being induced in the evening. It’s the 16th October, I wasn’t due until the 11th November originally, it got brought forward to the 6th. 
In three short years, I can’t believe how far we’ve come. Ok, we’ve had struggles, but for now we’re doing ok, we’re getting there. We’ve seen people come and go, we’ve met some wonderful people and made some good friends.                                  His first birthday was the same as any first birthday, not a clue! His second birthday when I thought he may be more aware , was a disappointment as nope, not bothered, his presents were left for days with no intention of him opening them, not even with help, this year I think he’s going to have a go. I hope he’s going to have a go. I’m excited for him to come down in the morning and see the happy birthday banners on the walls the balloons and the few gifts I’ve gotten him. I’ve not got him much as he don’t really play with anything unless they are ducks! 
Tonight after work the girls are joining us at Pizza Hut, a little birthday meal before the big day, he’ll take his cake to Creche, and tomorrow we’ll go down to nans and spend it with the family before the rugby game starts! 
I just hope he’s going to want to get stuck into his cake as much as he did on his first birthday! After seeing him notice the minion on his cake at his party I’m hoping so! 

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