This photo looks like a typical party photo.

Ok the children aren’t really wearing these faces!

This is J’s 7th party.

Z’s school different classes.

There’s smiles behind those emoji faces. They ran about, they laughed, they enjoyed themselves.

Looking at them it’s a normal 7th birthday party.

The reality is it’s

One child’s first party invite.

One child’s first time eating alongside others.

The first party Z has sat down on the table next to a group of children and eaten food.

A few firsts there at 7.

I remember when Z went to sen school. Of course expectations change, the first few ‘firsts’ hit you. school trips, Christmas concerts and birthdays. You think you’re over it and something else hits you. Something you didn’t even know what would hit you. There’ll be more. You kind of become prepared.

These knockdown moments will be different for each one of us parents, but we get back up, we don’t talk about it. We kind of accept it as this is it.

Then something like this happens and we talk about it being the firsts, about the struggles and they are quickly forgotten, replaced with that little bit of normality even if just for an hour.

That’s one photo us parents have that make it look a normal photo, that maybe the first, the last and the only photo like this we’ll get at this age.

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