When does blogging start becoming all about the numbers? 
What with so many places to be ranked it’s hard to keep up! Klout, tots100, da and I really don’t know what else! 
How can you get a good score on one but have the other one low? I just don’t get it! 
In a way I’m lucky that I’m not blogging for my job as that would be way above my means. I do have a lot of respect for you guys that blog for a job. To keep on top of lots of numbers alone just seems like a lot of hard work! 
I’ll continue to keep blogging for me, and if one month I dip, it’s because I know I didn’t write, or have a thing to say! 
I know every month I was getting more views, then November it slowed down and December  was particiculaly low on numbers but it’s Christmas everyone is busy! I started to get numbers back up, until May when I was very quiet! It’s really hard to keep Facebook, Twitter and the blog going! 
So again well done to those that can do it! 

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