Stats, numbers, DA, social media and tots 100 are just a few words that go around in the blogging world.
Yes of course I have a look at them all, do I care? Honestly no!
Ok it gets a little disheartening when my numbers drop but I don’t put half as much time and effort into the blog as I should, I don’t take it as serious as I should. Maybe just maybe I could do so much more. But it’s time! Not going to lie a few of my posts have been written at 3am, my blog was set up as more as an online diary, it’s when I write, I ramble and I moan.
I’m happy with my followers I know that when they read what I write they’ve been brought in I’m guessing by autism, that big scary word! My aim was if I can help one person I’d be happy. I think I’ve achieved that. I love my followers who engage, like everyone I’d love more but is more really fun? Do you get the engagement, get to know your followers, kinda like the class sizes when your teacher has to teach thirty plus can she really get to know that individual child like the teacher in Sen school who has nine children?
Where am I going with this post?!
To be honest I’m unsure! I’m just having a bit of a ramble I suppose.
With January being half way through I need to write more, I enjoy writing. So my aim this year is share more blogs with my followers, maybe a few a month! Wish me luck!

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