Was very excited to be asked to review the short sleeve kaycey body suit for Z, from special kids . Company I choose the navy colour and I love it!
It’s soft and stayed soft after washing and didn’t loose any shape.
I love the fact it has one purple popper for the middle, how many times do you make mistakes buttoning up 3 poppers never mind 5!

When I put it on Z, he was running around and laughing, it was like being in shorts and a tshirt all in one.
He loves to take off his bottoms and sit on the floor I worry that the tops of his legs get cold with this body suit I didn’t worry as it kept the top of his legs nice and warm.

What he also likes to do disgustingly is rip off the outer layer of his pull up and eat it, wearing this body suit he couldn’t access his nappy to pick away at it!
The big one for us was to see how Z would manage wearing it for sports, would it roll up and be uncomfortable when he was running climbing and jumping? Would he get annoyed if it did curl up under bottoms?
No problems! He ran and climbed and jumped and was completely fine.

He loves climbing, it must be less restricted than the three popper ones, so I’m thinking do the three popper ones actually pull the nappy up? Where as this one just supports it.
When he wears it he’s smiling so it must be comfortable.

I can see that this is going to be quite handy in the summer, for those random stops at the beach, it’s just going to be like shorts and t-shirt and no one from looking at it will think it’s a specialist vest and that that happy child will have a swim nappy on underneath! Or when we’ve planned the beach, this will be great to just drive on home in. It’s during the summer when he got easy access to his nappy is when he eats away at it.
I’ve already recommended one to my mate for her little boy who loves to smear, there’s no way he’s getting to his nappy through this!

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