After the Christmas trip, I’ll admit I complained. They replied with apologies and gave me a free ticket, today, the girls and I used that ticket and what a different experience. 
We started off on the first train at 10.30. From Pant station Being a Sunday morning and not quite peak times it was quiet. 
Z was able to look out of the window and see the view, and what a lovely view it was. I can’t believe all this is on my doorstep and I’ve never bothered before.
This time we went to the end of the track, the scenery was lush! 
When you get to the top you can get off, go for a walk , have a picnic and wait on the next train to come get you. Think you would be there a while mind as the train stops for around half hour in Pontsticill.
But there looks like lots of great walks, lots of exploring to be had. Not sure if it would be suitable for a buggy tho, there were people riding bikes up there. 
So the train turned around and back on we got. We stopped for half hour, this was plenty of time today as we all needed to be back. So a coffee, a fruit shoot, a pack of crisps , a Welsh cake, a sausage roll and a toilet stop later was time to have a play in the park. The kids loved it. Again, we learnt you don’t have to get back on the train you can catch the next one back.  On a nice day could walk around the res, or even up to the local pub for a beer! 
It’s only about 10 minutes from Pontsticill to the station. 
After today’s trip we can’t wait until the summer for a nice little adventure. 
Thank you Brecon Mountain Railway for giving us the chance enjoy the train ride. We shall see you again in the summer! 

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