We have been to Cardiff’s Winter wonderland for the last three years, this year I was so excited to be invited* on opening night.

This year there’s no big wheel, thankfully as Z tries to get me in every year! But we were greeted to the Drop Tower, standing at 90m I wasn’t brave enough to try it, and I think Z was a little too small!

Of course like every year there’s the ice rink, we had a go, it was a little busy for Z, but they have special Sen sessions which is great!

There’s just so many lights it makes it look so pretty and of course Christmassy!

Whilst waiting to go ice skating we were listening the the choir singing Christmas carols to really get you into that Christmas spirit.

After the ice skating it’s time for something to eat, you have your normal bratwurst or burger and chips. Prices on food start from £3.50 There’s some dirty fries with bbq pulled pork and bbq sauce, there’s even desert with crepes and I did see a chocolate fountain too. Of course it wouldn’t be like being in the alps without your Après ski area which is the Sur La Piste, we didn’t get to go in with Z but with the glass windows on the second floor, the Christmas trees and the gondola outside it was the alps, all was missing was the snow. To be fair it’s getting better and better every year maybe next year they’ll have the snow machines for when it gets under the 5 degree weather!

The main thing for Z was the rides. He loves them, but like every year he’s always ill. Typical as it doesn’t matter when we go, I’m sure it’s so he knows we’ll take him again!

There’s a few different rides to choose from, theres some for all ages. For little ones you have the Santa train ride, some hot air balloons, a reindeer ride and ski lift.

With a fun house, Twister rides, dodgems and archery. There’s also the throw the ball in the bottles for a prize you really do have quite a choice. Most rides that Z went one were two tokens, some are three and the big one is five.

We had a lovely time as a family, it was the first time G had actually came with us! He didn’t go on the ice, he enjoyed his food and would have loved to have sat in the Sur La Piste with a pint, maybe I’ll take him on his own next time!

* we were gifted our skating sessions, food and rides for a honest review.

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