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It’s my 13th birthday! 

Last week was very busy because my birthday was on the 9th June so I was still being asked what I wanted. 

 I only had 7 things on my list this year because I couldn’t really think of what I wanted, so I decided on a few books and phone things.                                                                    

I was really excited because on my birthday my mam and sister were taking me to mystery rooms in Merthyr with my best friend. On my actual birthday I was given loads of presents such as jewellery, books, pillows, cuddly toys and more. The dining room was full of pretty cards and I had a cute tatty teddy cake with big sparklers which I was a bit scared of!!

 My mam and dad even got me 3 big pink balloons which I loved to play with so this year I was spoilt again. 

The best part was birthday breakfast because there was pastries, bacon, cereal and loads more tasty things. 

 At 4.20 me, my mam and sister picked up my best friend and went straight to the mystery rooms. Inside the mystery rooms there were lots of clues which some were easy but some were hard. It is a great gift for someone who likes being locked in rooms and timed!! 

When we went back home we had Pizza Hut and me and my best friend played games. I really enjoyed my birthday this year and I had so much fun. 

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Holiday in Cornwall

On the 13th May I went to Cornwall with my mam, dad and nan for a week’s holiday. I didn’t really enjoy the journey over because we had lots of bags and it took 4 hours. When we got there we had a look at the house and chose bedrooms, then we went to the clubhouse and had a warm drink. I decided to sleep in a twin room upstairs and sort out my things. On the Sunday we played crazy golf which was really fun because we couldn’t even get the golf ball in a hole. After crazy golf I bought some presents from the shop and then got ready to go to dinner. I really enjoyed dinner and after that we went shopping in Asda. On the Monday we just drove around because it was raining really bad and the same with Tuesday. On the Wednesday we went to Lands End and had fun taking photos and looking in the gift shop. In Lands End there was a 4D dinosaur experience and a King Arthur experience which was full of different pictures and mini quests to escape. My favourite bit of Lands End was The Shaun the sheep experience which showed you how to draw the characters and how they are made for each episode and movie. Then we took a picture with shaun the sheep and nan got me a cuddly toy. Then we went back home and had yummy chips which I loved and I finished sorting out my presents. On the Thursday we went to Flambards and took some photos of statues and of course trees for me to draw. I learnt a bit more at Flambards and enjoyed looking at all the models and gardens. I was lucky enough to go to the gift shop and pick up 3 small unicorns and some more gifts for family. When we got back at the house we played a bit of crazy golf and some card games. Come Friday it was a super nice day but I didn’t want to go anywhere so we played cards and golf then packed our bags to go home. On Saturday we left the holiday site and went back home which was great for me!


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Trip to Careleon. 

This week’s blog is about me visiting Caerleon with my sister in law because I was a bit unsure of going to London. I really loved Caerleon because it is pretty and friendly plus I had never been before. 

The first place we visited was The National Roman Legion Museum and it was free to go in. I picked up an activity sheet and worked through that while going around and looking at different things. There were loads of old artefacts but I didn’t have a favourite. It showed loads of different pieces of information on what it would have been like back then and there was loads to see. After we visited the museum we went for food and then we visited the Baths. 

Inside the Baths there was a little gift shop and it showed where they would have bathed. There were pretty lights everywhere and there was loads of information stated around the room. I had loads of fun there and would love to go back again.


Then we quickly visited the amphitheatre where I took loads of photos and had fun and after that we visited the ruins. I thought the ruins were amazing and really showed a lot of history.

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My review on The little shop of horrors

Last night I went to see little shop of horrors at Redhouse Merthyr Tydfil.

 I thought that the organisation of the production was really good because all the cast knew they’re lines and projected their voices. The singing was well rehearsed and so was the dancing. The whole set really came to life because of the props and the costumes that were used. All the cast showed great enthusiasm and looked liked they were having loads of fun. There was enough room for loads of people on set and I think it looked amazing. I thought it was suitable for all ages so basically a family viewing and prices of the tickets was a good  at £12 per adult and £10 per child and it was worth it. I really enjoyed watching it because it made me laugh and it was nice to watch. I would love to see another play because I think they have worked super hard to put this one together.
* I was gifted my ticket and my review is my own.

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Half term and St Davids Day 

This week’s blog is full because I have been doing loads over two weeks such as St. David’s Day, experiments, cooking and more. 

During the half term, I have been busy with my nephew and I will tell you what things we have been up to. First, we used some experiments from different science kits by testing some of them out. We made a volcano and we watched it explode which was the messy bit! We also made green slime which looked like boogers eww! 


Then we made some whoopie pies with a yummy mint filling and I have taken a picture for you to see. It was loads of fun to make and it was tasty to eat. Everyone loved the whoopie pies and we loved baking them.


St. Fagans

On Monday (a week ago) Me, my nephew, sister and her boyfriend went to St. Fagans for a nice day out. We left at lunch time and in the car, we stuffed our faces with loads of sweets. When we got there, we bought a map and walked right the way around. There were loads of old buildings so we took loads of pretty photos. We ate lunch down there and we won a cuddly lion and a ghostbusters toy. That day was fun and we even had McDonalds when we got home.


Pookie my cuddly build a bear

As part of my Home Ed. I was set a few projects – mainly hosting a St. David’s Day Celebration. I have been busy making a welsh lady costume for Pookie with my mam, nan and dad’s help – this was to demonstrate my sewing. My nan helped me make a skirt from a tea towel and an apron from some old white material. My nan also helped me make the shawl from red material. My mam helped me make the hat using a pen, glue, polystyrene cup, lace and ribbon. My dad helped me super glue the hat together.

St. David’s Day

I have made loads of decorations such as paper chains which are green, red and white. A big table cloth which I worked hard on (my biggest project) which shows a map of Wales with the words to our National Anthem; Cardiff Castle; a welsh man and woman; a love spoon, a welsh harp; a stained glass window of St David along with an acrostic poem and a short story about him. The borders of the table cloth had daffodils along the 2 short sides and the words to Bread of Heaven along the 2 longer sides. This was all done with permanent marker pens. I had help from both my sisters on how to draw the castle. This showed my art, English, and geography.

I also name places for the table which were cute little dragons. I made bunting, mini people, flags and posters.  

My family and friends (who are also my teachers) came over and I had made welsh cakes, bara brith, cawl with beef or lamb (my mam and dad helped with the cawl though as there was so much to do). I also made vegan welsh cakes and vegan leek soup for auntie G – which showed off my cooking skills – and using everyone as guinea pigs for my food was part of my ‘science project’!!!! I even did a special PowerPoint presentation with music on – which shows my IT.  

There should have been 14 of us in total but my uncle S couldn’t make it as he was ill. We were all gutted about that and so was he. But he is on the mend now.


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How much do I love you? 

For last week’s Mother & Toddler group we made “How much do I love you?” hands. I decided to make a laminated instruction sheet as below, to show the parents what the finished article should look like:  How to make “How much do I love you?” hands.

• Take 1 sheet of card and draw around your child’s hands

• Let the children colour in their hands using crayons and pencils

• Write on each hand “How much do I love you?”

• Cut the 2 hands out and place them to one side

• Take a piece of white paper and draw a straight line down the long side of the page and then cut out this strip

• Use the strip you have cut out and fold backwards and forwards like a concertina

• Open your concertina strip and lay it flat and then write “I love you this much” across the strip

• Take the strip and glue one end to the left hand card and the other end to the right hand card

• Close the hands together so that you can see the words “How much do I love you”

• Open the hands to read the message “I love you this much!”

The children loved drawing around their hands, but my favourite part was colouring the hands in. I couldn’t take a picture of everybody’s today because we ran out of time!


Ogmore Beach

On Monday I went down my Uncle S’ house with my mam and dad. My Uncle had planned that we were going to be learning about all different types of rocks which was loads of fun. He had printed out a special quiz to go with some of my work and he said we could go to Ogmore Beach to look at rocks. I was very excited to go to the beach because I hadn’t been for a long time.

As we were driving to the beach I read through my work and started answering questions on my quiz of rocks. I had to wear a big warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves because it was freezing cold. As we started walking down the beach we saw loads of big rocks, so Uncle S told me a bit about each one. My dad helped me go around some of the rock pools and we found cockles, limpets, mussels and more.  


I loved running down by the sea but my mam had to hold on to me because it was very windy. I also promised my dog Andrex that I would pick up a stick for him so I chose a big one for him to play with! As we were walking along the beach I spotted something weird so my mam and I walked over to it. I was so excited because I had found a jelly fish and I named him Jerry!

I also collected some flat stones so that I could paint on them for school work. When we went home I did my quiz and I had 11 out of 12!


St. David’s Day

For St. David’s day I am hosting a Welsh evening at my house and my family are welcome to come. I will be dressed up in a rugby shirt and will be making yummy welsh cakes and leek soup. My nephew will help me make daffodil and dragon bunting and I will paint 2 jars to put daffodils in it. I will hopefully read a poem and draw pretty welsh pictures.

The biggest project I have to do is make a welsh costume for my build a bear named Pookie. Will post pics when done!




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Dog hearts, sewing and environmental studies! 

For this week’s blog I have decided to write about last week’s Mother & Toddler Group and what I have done during my week.  But first of all I would like to apologise for not incIuding last week’s picture of the spaceship that we made in Mother and Toddler group. So here it is!

On Monday I went down my Grandma’s with my mam and dad. I saw my auntie, uncle and grandma and I helped them cut trees. I also did some maths work and a spelling test with my mam.  

 After we visited my grandma we went down my Uncle S and I did some environmental studies with him. We looked at the different stages such as Evaporation, condensation and lots more. I have homework from my uncle S which is to draw thunder and lightning and label what it is doing. We were going to go to Ogmore Beach but it was raining too heavily for my uncle to come with us; so hopefully we can go next week.

 On Tuesday I did some maths with my dad and then I had to go to the dentist to have 2 baby teeth taken out which was not fun LL. Later I did some Spanish with my auntie G which was fun.  At lunch-time I made omelettes for me, my mam and dad. I have also planned what I will do for this week’s mother and toddler group but I will tell you about that next week!

 For last week’s baby group, we made dogs out of love hearts and here are the steps to show you how to do it:

• Make templates of different sized love hearts (some large, some small) and cut them out using card and scissors

• Stick 2 little love hearts on the back of the big love heart to form the ears. (You can use glue, cellotape or pritstick)

• Colour your dog using crayons or coloured pencils

• Add a pair of googly eyes

• Add a small pompom for the nose

• Add 2 slightly larger pompoms below the nose to form the mouth

• Colour a small tongue below the mouth

It was easy to make and the children loved the idea for a valentine gift because of it’s heart shape.  


 I have also been learning to sew by hand with my Nan and I am currently learning the following stitches:

• Tack

• Running

• Chain

• Blanket

 I will be making a small purse using the different stitches and I look forward to showing you a picture when I have finished!

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Mother and Toddler group and kitty cat

Mother and Toddler group and kitty cat. 

For this week’s blog I decided to write about what I did in Mother and Toddler group and making my cat.


Last week I came up with the idea of making paper plate spaceships for the children in play group. We made them by using one paper plate, a cut out alien and paint.

The first thing we did was to cut the plate to sort of look like pac man and then we let the children paint it. The last step was to colour in the alien and stick him to the plate. I really enjoyed making one and so did my cousin.


I also forgot to put the picture of my butterfly on for last week’s group – so here it is!


To make my cat I used my nans old sock, sewing needle and thread, stuffing and felt. First, I placed the sock inside out on a flat surface and then I drew two cute ears on the sock. Next I sewed around the lines and cut around the ears. Then I turned it back to the right way, stuffed it and I sewed up the bottom. ​Finally, I added some paws using excess sock and drew eyes, a mouth and nose on a piece of felt. I cut around the felt and sewed it on to the cat.


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Caerphilly spy trail 

For this week’s blog I decided to write about mother and toddler group and Caerphilly spy trail. 

 I had loads of fun doing the trail because I went with my mam and dad, but we didn’t manage to finish it because we ran out of time. I took loads of pretty pictures and we did loads of walking. It was a nice sunny day to go walking and we even stopped off for a welsh cake and a hot drink. I love doing the trails with my mam and dad and we may try again. One of the turrets on the castle were leaning and it looked like it would collapse. 

In mother and toddler group we made butterflies using a popsicle stick and love heart shapes. The kids had fun colouring the wings and sticking on googley eyes which was my favourite part too.

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Brecon, and a snow walk. 

Murder mystery trail

For this week’s blog, I decided to write about the murder mystery trail I did on Tuesday. I went with my mam and dad at lunch time and the trail was in Brecon. The treasure trail went right around the town and I took some pictures of swans and ducks in the canal. By the canal there were six home-made welsh cakes for sale, so we bought some for when we were walking. I enjoyed the welsh cakes because they were sweet and tasty. It was fun to do and I enjoyed solving the mystery. Before we left Brecon my dad took me into the works and we bought pencils and a yoda writing book.


Mother and Toddler group

In mother and toddler group we did paper plate fish which the children personalised with paint and googley eyes. All the children had fun using different colour paint and sticking on loads of different shaped eyes.


Walking with my mam

In the week we had some snow so me and my mam went walking and we took photos of our foot prints and writing in the snow.