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April – Month 4 of less plastic.

This month I had to buy a bag, my first bag of 2018. I had been shopping, used my bags, then headed to a different shop and picked up a few too many things to carry out minus a bag. The good thing is that it will be reused, with Z being toilet trained his spare (wet) clothes can be put in it.

This month I’ve changed my flash floor wash to my own made, using vinegar some washing up liquid, essential oils and water. It’s lasting much longer! I always use this for my spray bottle that cleans everything from my kitchen to my bathroom.

I’ve gone from my plastic razor to a safety razor the only thing needing to be changed there is the blade, that will take me ages.

One of the biggest things I had changed was my coffee, instead of the milk and coffee pods I was just using the coffee and warming my soya milk up. I changed to ground coffee and reusable pods. I also bought loose tea leaves for the husband and actually made him a cup of tea! He said it was a lovely cup of tea, and I’m not known for my tea making skills! So next up I’ll be finding a re use for my ground coffee.

So in four months I’ve changed.


Bleach – Home made Toilet Bombs.

Lush bath bombs – Home made bath bombs.

Microfibre Cloths – Cotton Re usable ones.

Sanitary products – Re usable ones.

Plastic Razor – Safety Razor

Plastic bottles of Soap – Home made soap.

Shower Gel – Home made soap.

Shampoo and conditioner- Bars


Microfibre Cloths – Cotton Reusable ones

Kitchen Roll – Cotton reusable ones.

Cleaning Spray – Home made with vinegar.

Clingfilm – Home made beeswax wraps

Tin Foil – Baking paper

Coffee pods – Ground Coffee

Tea bags – loose Tea leaves

Washing powder – Soap nuts

Fabric Conditioner – Vinegar and essential oil.

Floor Cleaner – Home made.

Pegs – Stainless steel

Other things

Z’s plastic lunch bag to tin, no plastic bags food is wrapped in beeswax wrap. Stainless steel bottle. I Carry at least two bags in my bag at all times. A keepy cup for long journeys. Started my first eco brick. Home made wax melts and lip balm.

I’ve attempted to work out how much I’ve saved in three months January- March, and it comes in at around £160. Yes I’m buying the things to substitute but a box of bicarbonate is 1.79 citric acid £1 and that’s keeping Z in bath bombs for around a month, the essential oils I had gifted to me so an even bigger saving!

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Home made Lip balm.

Going well on my less plastic Zero waste journey.

After making toilet bombs I’ve also made bath bombs , melts and next up lip balm.

I don’t use a lot of lip balm but I do like my eos and of course less plastic means I need to find an alternative!

After searching google I found my main ingredients, bees wax, Shea butter, coconut oil and some essential oils.

I melted the shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax together, I’d read about double boiling so I say my bowl on top of a sieve of boiling water, it took a while but constant stirring and it was ok. Just before I was ready to transfer into my tins I added some banana scent essential oil.

I was a little nervous in case it didn’t set or didn’t work.

It set lovely! It’s not too hard, and it makes my lips lovely and soft!

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Home made beeswax melts

I love my candles, I quickly learnt that wax melts are stronger and not as expensive!

But they all come in plastic of some sort.

So operation make my own! Just like my bath bombs and toilet bombs .

I got my beeswax from amazon, but am looking to source more local beeswax when I’m out!

I melted my wax and down and added in some coconut oil in a dish over a sieve of boiling water, and added some essential oil just before pouring, yup it really was that simple.

Pour into my moulds, when still hot and runny as it does dry quick.

I never measure out, maybe I should!

I’ve burnt mine up to four times and they still smelt as strong as the first time. I’m not really sure how many times you can burn each one I’m going to until the stop smelling!

Next time I’m going to add a drop of food colouring to maybe change the colour I’ll let you know how I get on!

Next up my home made lip balm!

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Home made bath bombs.

After the success of my home made toilet bombs I attempted home made bath bombs. I’ve not bought bleach for three months I’m hoping to save money on bath bombs! The citric acid and bicarbonate of soda I think cost 99p from Wilkos, as for the salt b&ms for £3. There was cheaper but I didn’t want the plastic and will reuse the glass jar! So other than my zero waste and less plastic I’m actually saving money.

Now Z loves the lush ones, he loves watching them fizz until they’ve disappeared.

I knew I had the main ingredients from the toilet bombs, the only thing I would need would be Epsom salts and some food colouring to make them pretty!

Lavender bath bombs are a go!

I mixed the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda together, added in the Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender essential oil and a few drops of red food colouring, mixed it well, just needed a few squirts of water as I had the oil and food colouring holding it quite well.

After the few sprays it needed to be put into moulds quickly.

Scooped it in and patted it down with my finger. It all felt quite sturdy.

The next test was Z, of course I choose lavender in the hope that it would make him sleep! It passed the fizz test, and Z was happy he wanted another.

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Month two on less plastic.

So I’m taking my reducing my plastic waste quite seriously, it’s coming up the end of February an I’ve not purchased a plastic bottle for myself, Z has had a few happy meals where he gets a fruit shoot, but I can’t stop him it’s not fair. In the two months I’ve only had one meal from McDonalds myself and that’s last week on half term when I was starving I did have the drink but didn’t have a straw. Next time I’ll remember to take my own food.

I’ve made my own toilet bombs melts and lip balm. Changed to soap nuts for my clothes and haven’t been using fabric conditioner. That’s a big one for me as I do love my conditioner next up I’ll attempt to make my own.

I’ve not purchased one single use carrier bag, I’ve always got a bag in my bag now, I’ve even had my keep cup used whilst out and about. I’m hoping that I’m making my mates more aware.

When Z had to get out of the sealife centre as it was too busy, my mate got me a new bag, I love it and it’s a nice size for my plastic free fruit and veg!

So in a few months I’ve made small little changes that are all adding up. I’ve not bought a plastic bottle of anything, sauce, mayo or squash, it’s all been glass. I’ve not bought myself any new clothes, I’ve not really gone back to eating meat and tend to by mostly quorn instead. I’ve ordered Z a reusable swim nappy, so that’s one or two nappies stopped going to landfill when it arrives.

I still have a long way too go but I can see less and less plastic going into my recycling every week

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Home made toilet bombs!

Ok not sure they should be called toilet bombs will that word get flagged up?!

Not sure but any how’s, today I attempted them, I’m think I’ll be fine with my toilet bombs as the bath ones are called bath bombs right.

A few different versions came up when I googled how to make some and like baking they had measurements,

Me, I don’t do measurements I chuck things in and hope for the best!

You will need

Bicarbonate of soda. Citric acid. Essential oil. Water . Bowl and I used a fork and a spray bottle.

I mixed ( in the plastic container that my reduced salad came in the other day!) the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid together whilst adding in a few drops of essential oil, I could only find strawberry scent when I was out yesterday, had no idea how much to use so quite a few drops later my house smells very strawberryish!

I wasn’t sure how much water to add as I didn’t want it to fizz everywhere and then wouldn’t fizz again so I sprayed a little in again whilst mixing, of course the water was reacting as soon as so I quickly transferred it into the mould.

I left it for around 40 minutes then went to check on it. I had visions of it being like that porridge book I read as a kid! But it didn’t keep expanding, and stayed like this.

Next up I scrapped the excess off the top, back into the boil, I’ll see if it can be used to make more.

I’ve only popped out the one, it didn’t crumble which I’m taking as a win! Ok it’s not super strong and wouldn’t take much to crumble, but staying together I’m pleased with.

And guess what……

It worked…….

It fixed away lovely, and my bathroom smells of strawberry.

I think next time I’m going to go with a lemon smell it may have that fresher smell about it.

But for now my first attempt at zero waste toilet cleaner has been a success! All in all I paid around £3 for what I needed and made 11 toilet bombs, I still have at least half of the box of both boxes left and lots of oil. If the scrapped mix works I may get another 2-3 out of them so 14 toilet bombs for £3 I’m taking as a win!

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Week one of less plastic

Part of my New Years resolution was to produce less plastic waste.

Maybe last year I was a little conscious of this as I bought a stainless steel reusable bottle for myself, I very rarely bought a bag and would just put the shopping in the boot of my car, family and friends said it was laziness, now I know it was my conscious! I also changed to re usable sanitary products after suffering another reaction to a brand I thought I was fine using. I started swimming and for more room I bought a shampoo bar, I’ve not bought a bottle of shampoo since September. I also got Z on bath bombs instead of bubble bath. If I have been out for a drink I have refused a straw. I have been using a cloth wipe for Z’s nose and he constantly has a runny nose! So for a few months I’ve been using less plastic than I was.

This year I’ve upped my less plastic mission.

So the first week of January I’m quite pleased with smaller choices I’ve made. I bought some reusable kitchen roll, alongside some sponges for cleaning. Shopping I’ve bought my sauces in glass bottles instead of the plastic ones, when I finish the ketchup that will be in glass too. I bought glass bottles of lemonade and got Z a new stainless steel bottle, now to get him to drink from it! I’ve also ordered him a tin lunch box so when his plastic one breaks I won’t buy another. ( they are all cheaper this time of year as it’s not something people need in January!) I’m trying dry deodorant and miswak for my teeth. When I went and got my fruit I choose some that wasn’t in plastic and didn’t put it in a plastic bag either, 10 mushrooms later! I’ve bought a bar of soap, and must remember to take my cup with me, along with my bags.

I’ve also attempted to cut down on my meat so have tried to substitute things for vegetarian meals instead. So far I’m doing ok! I can’t give up my fish and eggs yet so won’t be vegan! I have changed my cheese and milk for vegan and soya but that was due to allergies, but now I can’t go back!

Yes, I have a long way to go, but one step and one month at a time right?

I love the fact that chatting away to my mates some think I’m crazy but one actually bought me some paper straws to go out with! How cool is that!

Can’t wait to come back in a few weeks and show you how much plastic I’m not using any more!