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Meeting Santa at Hamleys.

We were very lucky to be invited back to Hamleys this year, and of course I jumped at the chance to take Z.

This year Z is that little bit more inquisitive, even walking through the arcade to get to Hamleys he was smiling at the tree and all the lights.

Once we got to Hamleys we were greeted by two of Santa’s elves. Who gave each child a name badge, this letting Santa call them by their name adding to the magic that Santa really does know everyone’s names. Of course Z wouldn’t wear his badge, but that didn’t stop both Santa and his elves knowing his name!

We all had to sing Rudolph the red nose reindeer walking up to the party room where I’m sure Z was singing in his own way, he was smiling and seemed quite excited to get into the room, as if he remembered from last year, which from an autism point for me is great as he knew what to expect!

Again, same as last year we had to use some magic elf dust to get into the room, meaning both the elves were interacting with the children which the children really enjoyed, could feel the excitement off them!

Whilst we waited on Santa there were a few arts and crafts to make, whilst everyone got to their seats Z had a bit of a run around, he looked at the tree, the decorations and noticed the huge cake on the ceiling! ( I have to admit it’s a pretty impressive cake!) The room is decorated with it’s Christmas tree and festive table cloth and it just makes it feel Christmasy.

This year he even helped to make a star, which is huge progress in itself!

When Santa arrived we missed him walk into the room as we were in the toilet! But when we came out Z noticed him.

Santa asked all the children to sit down and he read them a story, I love this as all the children sat ( even Z for a little while!) and listen in awe, this year it was the snowman and the snow dogs which was a pop out version so the children could see the pictures too. At this point Z noticed the gifts under the tree and done his best to open them.

After Santa had read them a story he played games, Santa’s footsteps and dancing snowmen, he was so fun, he interacted with each child, he made them all laugh and seeing those children smile was just fab. Come on how many times did you go to see the big man himself did he play games and call you by your name without even having to ask what it is. Bet you just sat on his lap told him what you wanted and had a lolly and was gone. How personal and exciting must that be to a child to play games and Santa calling you by your name!!

Z didn’t really join in this part it was starting to get a little too much, so he took himself to sit next to the tree with his iPad. We managed to get a picture with Santa and his iPad! Santa give him a lovely gift bag.

He then kept showing me the word store and stop, this was his way of saying let’s go.

As we were leaving the store we were given a cup to fill with sweets, this was a lovely little surprise as that meant Z was eating a lolly and wasn’t getting so distressed! Brilliant timing.

When we got home we had a look at what Santa gave us and what a lovely gift, there’s a hamleys bear, a tree decoration, a pack of colouring pencils and a book, and of course a cup of sweets!

At £19.99 I’d say that’s not as cheap as others for seeing Santa, but you get 45 minutes, so it’s no where near a rushed job! There’s no professional photo so you can have as many photos as you want if that’s individually or with siblings or even as a group. I think the contents in the bag would be equal to what you pay.

Z was treated the same as all the other children, the elves and Santa spoke to him like any other child which I love as so many people don’t ask him any thing else after he doesn’t answer the first question! Of corse Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and was taking to him about the words he had on his iPad.

You can book here to get a great meeting Santa experience.

Z may not speak, but he sure knows what to say at the correct time, as we were leaving this is what he was showing me. (And yea it was before he had his cup of sweets!)

‘They have all the best stuff at this store’.

So thank you Hamleys Cardiff for inviting us back this year!

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Wait until dark.

‘One of the scariest films comes to the theatre’.

When I was invited * to see Wait until dark, my first question was is it scary? I’m a whimp!

This time my Mam was lucky enough to come with me, ( Merry Christmas Mam!) plan was leave early do a little Christmas shopping first. The traffic stopped that!

I had no idea what the play was about, my Mam had seen the film so knew what the story was. All I had read was it was about a blind woman.

The story originally written by Frederick Knott (1916-2002) but was made famous by the 1967film staring Audrey Hepburn.

When I looked at the program I learned that the actor Karina Jones who played Susy, is actually registered blind. ( Was more impressed that she had been on The Bill tv and The crucible theatre, amongst others too!)

The stage was set as a basements flat in Nottingham hill gate in late September 1966, a nice clean tidy flat ( I could have stayed there in a much tidier shape than mine right now!) this is the first time I’ve seen the stage set up looking so busy.

The show starts with a guy entering the basement Mike, ( Jack Ellis) we quickly learn that he’s casing the joint, when some one else enters, Croker ( Graeme Brookes) and he hides, when he jumps out on the intruder we learn that they both know one another from prison. They are then joined by a third man, Roat, (Tim Treloar) The story explains how they are after a doll who’s full of drugs, the original lady who was looking for her is dead in the bed room Roat has killed her,asks Mike and Crocer to help find the doll.

When the owner came in Susy, we saw that she was blind, the intruders plan to include Susi to learn where the doll was hidden. One lying and saying he’s Sams old friend the other a police officer.

When Sam ( Oliver Mellor) Susi’s husband tells her he has to go for his job and then we hear about Gloria and how she moves things about so that Susi trips. When we meet Gloria we see that there’s a bit of a jealousy in regards to Susi I think.

As the play progresses so does Gloria and Susi’s relationship.

I thought the play was very good, Susi using her lack of vision to possibly prove a point of how much she relies on her other senses to work out that she was being conned and those people weren’t actually who they said they were.

She could pick up on peoples footprints, on them dusting down their fingerprints and using the kitchen blind as a pointer. She asked for Gloria’s help and made the flat into darkness, knowing that she knew the flat better than anyone in the dark, plus how much scarier the world is in the dark and sent Gloria to go get Sam and bring him back. She knew to get out safely she has to make the intruders blind too.

It got me thinking how much we rely on our eyesight and how well Karina Jones played that part.

Wait until Dark is showing at New Theatre Cardiff until November 18th evening showings 7.30 with Wednesday Thursday and Saturday Matinees starting at 2.30.

Tickets from £14.50 – £32.00 and can be purchased here.

* I was gifted the tickets for an honest review.

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The Ghost’s Touch

Last night I was lucky * to be invited back to New Theatre Cardiff to see The Ghost’s Touch.

The play was based on a tale by Wilkie Collins, The woman in white. I had never heard of it, surprise there right! But I think maybe I need to give the book a read now.

The stage was set with a layered black curtain and a bench.

It started with just Stephan Rayburn ( Mark Homer) talking to his daughter who’s voice we could only hear. The first twenty minutes confused me, there was no props other than the black curtains and the bench! The lighting played a huge part a lot when they were at Kensington Gardens when it transformed the place in to what looked like trees.

Rayburn met a lady, Mrs Zant, ( Terri Dwyer) she just sort of crept from one end of the stage to the other, quite spookily as the lighting would go off then when it would come on she’d be in a different area making her way to the front.

We only met Rayburn and Mrs Zant, the voice talents we just heard.

Rayburn would be seen talking to his daughter, Lucy Rayburn, ( Millie Henson). He would bend down to chat to her and I was left asking was his daughter dead? The actors used some old English too, the way they spoke you could tell it was from the Victorian era.

I couldn’t make up my mind who was actually the dead ones, one of them had to be dead surely?!

The play kept you watching, wondering, and wanting to know the ending!

During the interval my mate actually googled the play, after I had put my theory out there, she put hers and we could hear whispers of, ‘ I think it’s her’, ‘No, it’s the daughter’, to ‘ It has to be him!’, everyone was speculating. Google didn’t tell her the answer just that others had googled the same thing at the interval!

When the second half started who was right was thrown about again, it could go anyway, and if like me people would be changing their minds!

Until it just clicked, like ‘ahhh so that’s going back to ….’

Then the excitement was oh am I right?!

The actors were really good, considering there were only two of them using no props, other than the bench, a letter and a doll, I was taking it all in. Maybe the basic set helped? There was nothing else for your mind to do but listen to the story.

I really enjoyed the play, it was a very short one at 1 hour and 45 minutes. Which was good or I would have gone crazy wanting to know who was right!

The Ghosts Touch is at New Theatre Cardiff Tuesday 3rd October- Thursday 5th October so get your tickets here quickly!

* I was gifted tickets to review the play all opinions are my own.

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Our Altered Life – Book Review

When I got asked did I want to review the book Our Altered life I said yes not really knowing what to expect.

From the moment I started I was can I say proud of how Charlie puts all her emotions straight out there. Would proud be the correct word when I don’t even know her?

I’m guessing to start people will be outraged! How can she say that? How can she feel that? But I thought she was so brave. She is saying what everyone else would be thinking. I’ve not been in that position but I know I’d think it, it has to be human and would you even be human if you didn’t.

As I went on through the chapters, I couldn’t put it down. There were certain areas that Just reminded me of my own son, so of course I had to keep reading.

I laughed and I had tears. When family events happen you can just feel the love as your reading the chapters.

It must have been extremely hard. The boys sound so much fun, and to be able to joke about missing body pieces adds to the funny side of the book.

It’s one of those books that even if you don’t have anything in common with you would read it and smile. I read it in a day, I really couldn’t put it down.

Since I read the book had to follow their journey over on instagram and the boys really are lush!

Its well written and easy to read. Chapters are quite short so I’d like me you have to finish a chapter before you can do anything else it’s great!

Our Altered life is now out to buy.

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Adventure Belt Review.

When I saw this over on instagram I knew I had to try it with Z. I emailed to make sure that at nearly 5 he wasn’t going to be too big.

I was kindly offered one to review *

A few people have said that I couldn’t use a dogs lead, yes, I’ve thought about it numerous times, and just last summer I was attaching Z to the pooch and walking that way. Meaning Z couldn’t run off! This summer when we’ve gone we’ve been taking Z’s bike I can’t attach the pooch to the bike too!

So that’s where the adventure belt comes in to play.

The first little walk we went on was to the park, it was great, Z had his independence was happily walking away, the pooch walking by his side.

So simple that when we got to the park I unbuckled Z and off he ran, the belt around his waist didn’t hinder him playing at all. He was still able to play in the swing. There’s a little bag on the belt, Z wouldn’t be interested in putting anything in it, but I did think of my keys!

He was willing to be buckled up to walk back home too.

Our next trip was going to be the big tester! The park with the lake.

I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous as if it didn’t hold up and Z ran we’d both have been very wet!

Obviously this is Z, autism don’t follow instructions so we were led by him, and we done pretty well.

He did drop and flop, but got back up, he did try to run but once he realised he couldn’t actually keep going he stopped. The expandable elastic I made slightly shorter so that he couldn’t really pull as much as he wanted to. But he will learn, this was only our second time using it.

Of course if he really wanted in he would have got in. But I had my hands free, I wasn’t trying to hold him and make sure he wasn’t going to get in. Think that meant he was calmer, he didn’t really try to get in the water!

This is going to make going out walking much easier on us all, the safety side is Z can’t just run away when he’s had enough. He can’t just run across roads. He can drop and flop but won’t need to squirm out of my grip as he’s quite independent on his belt. His hands will be free to carry what ever he wants to carry without having to worry about holding my hand.

I’m hoping this will be the start of helping Z learn how to walk safely out and about with me, and starting to rely less on the buggy or the back carrier!

Now when we leave the house he grabs his belt and the pooches lead!

You can purchase the adventure belt here.

* I was sent the adventure belt to review, all opinions are mine.

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Around the world in 80 Days – Review

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to watch Around the world in 80 days at New Theatre Cardiff. * I took along three friends who each deserved some cheering up.

I didn’t think I would make it, but I’m really glad I went. As a family show I wish Z was a little older and I did debate taking him along but I think he’s just a little bit too young. There were some children sitting next to me and it was lovely to hear them laugh at points that other members of the audience didn’t. Maybe slightly awkward for the parents when Ann summers was mentioned as the audience laughed, as I could hear the one asking what’s Ann summers! Eekkk!!

I think it could have quite possibly been the best show I’ve seen!

I’m not going to lie, but the opening scene I did think what on Earth am I watching! Is is going to be a mime, are they not going to speak much? Are they going to break in to song and dance?

The stage set up as a staircase made of old suitcases and a cupboard under the stairs and basically that was it with a map of the world behind.

I wasn’t sure on what to expect, and I’m sure at one point my face may have even given that away!

When the show got going I didn’t stop laughing. I think Michael Hugo who played Passepartout stole the show! The show may have been about Fogg ( Andrew Pollard) getting around the world in 80 days but passepartout was just so funny. I’m pretty sure that at some parts he may have even gone off script!

The props stayed the same throughout, but the cast used their bodies which had great effect. So when they were on a train the few suitcases were removed and sat upon with the actors actually bouncing as if they were on a train ride, when they were on a boat they would all be swaying back and forth, even people in the background would be swaying and swaying the tables, I’ve never seen this effect before but it was brilliant.

Everything from the use of lighting helped, blue light swirling on the floor when they were on a boat all added to the effects of being on a boat.

I actually loved the audience participation, again, I’ve not come across this at the theatre before. I’m glad I was at the top and not down the front mind!

At first when the first member of the audience was pulled up I wasn’t quite sure if it was staged, but I don’t think it was! It was possibly part pantomime by this point of the hissing of the one character.

There were parts when I’m still not sure if they actually forgot props, or it was all part of the act either way it worked well and made it just more laughable.

To think the whole show was done on just the few actors was good going, they worked well together.

I wasn’t expecting the amount of action in the show, between the fighting scenes which were just so funny, to the slow motion scenes, again the actors using their bodies for added effect, but the best mode of transport had to be the elephant, it was one of those that’s never going to work, to

is this show for real, but it was brilliant and worked so well. Simple and I’d say stupid but so funny.

When I had told people I was going I had oh I’ve seen that advertised but don’t quite fancy it.

I didn’t know the story, I’ve never seen the old film but I would really highly recommend it.

Around the world in 80 days is showing at New Theatre Cardiff from Tuesday 19th – Sunday 24th September, Tuesday – Saturday evening 7pm and Thursday Saturday and Sunday matinees 2.30pm tickets from £15.50 and can be booked here.

This really is one of those shows you have to go and see, we left laughing and possibly a little sea sick!

* I was gifted tickets for my review, all opinions are my own.

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Afternoon tea at the Celtic Manor

Today we were lucky to enough to be invited * to Celtic manor for summer berry afternoon tea.

Was lovely to finally meet Julie from Picking up toys and nice to catch up with Sally from Teddy bears and cardigans .

We arrived a little early and was lovely to sit and chat.

We were shown our seats, staff were friendly and and offered a glass of prosecco and many different teas, I was boring and stuck to coffee.

Sally went with the prosecco!

Coffee and tea arrived and then the first part of our afternoon tea, savoury and sandwiches.

Being gluten free is always much harder but I had the same as the others, and really enjoyed it, of course the base was different.

Savoury selection

Goats cheese and pesto mousse with pickled shallots.

Smoked salmon, cream cheese and caviar blini.

Baked tomato and chilli tart with minted pea salad.

Sandwich selection

Roasted ham and whole grain mustard.

Mini brioche roll with egg.

Chicken tortilla wrap with garlic mayonnaise and baby spinach.

Hafod cheese and spiced carrot relish.

Obviously being gluten free parts have to be substituted, so I didn’t have the wrap or brioche roll. This didn’t bother me, and I loved the hafod cheese and spiced carrot relish that actually tasted like cheese and marmalade! I don’t like garlic mayo but to be honest I couldn’t taste the mayo so it was all good!

Four of us sitting around a table two with dietary needs did mean that we were actually struggling for room on the table but we made it work!

Next up cakes!

My cakes were slightly different to the menu being gluten free. I did have two scones. These I ate first, I’ve missed scones, with jam and cream, so nice! Still warm I really enjoyed them. I brought the rest of the cakes home with me as was actually really full! How lush does that butterfly look in a cream meringue case.

You can book here and proves start from £21.50 pp

I’m looking forward to Z’s bedtime when I’m going to sit in my pjs and eat the rest of my cakes with a coffee.

* we were gifted the afternoon for review, opinions are my own.

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Ben and Holly’s little kingdom live on stage.

When we were asked * if we wanted to go to see Ben and Holly at the new theatre I was a little nervous, all those people and Z. If I didn’t try I’d never know right! 

So off we went, was a little hectic when we got in, maybe we should have left a little earlier or gone in when the crowds left, but he handled it well being in his buggy with his iPad helped. Dad held on to Z when I took the buggy down stairs. Then we headed to our seats. It was packed, Z was smiling. 

“Somewhere, hidden amongst the thorny brambles is a little kingdom where everyone is very very small…”

The brightly coloured stage caught his attention, I must say how basic the props were worked really well. 
When the show started Ben, who is an elf and Holly, the young fairy princess,  quickly caught Z’s attention, Z has never seen Ben and Holly on TV, he’s only seen them as figures so how his reaction was going to be I didn’t know. He’s never been to the theatre before not even the cinema. We couldn’t take his iPad off him so he did have it right throughout the show, where as if it wasn’t a children’s show I don’t think this would have been possible. When they started counting to ten Z was in his element, he didn’t take his eyes away from the stage. When everyone was shouting he was just looking around, it could have gone any direction, he could have cried, ran or played up, but he sat there smiling. 

As the story progressed, he did sit back and looked through his iPad, but he was getting words up that matched what was on the stage, ‘Frog’, he loved the frog, my favourite was the ladybird! This meant that he was still taking on board what was happening on the stage. 

What I liked was the way there was singing and dancing mixed in, so when he was starting to become restless, they would start singing and would catch his attention again! I loved the fact that they included the audience too, can you tell we’ve never actually been to anything like this before?! I really liked them flying back to the kingdom heading towards the interval. Z seemed a little confused here as we didn’t leave! He was fine when it started back up. 

Again, the use of such simple brightly coloured props worked well. They kept his attention throughout the second half, I did think that the second half was a little louder but that could have just been me. He done very well to sit again throughout the second half, he smiled and clapped, and when they sang happy birthday he stood up with a huge grin on his face. No, it’s not his birthday he just likes the song! 

My husband enjoyed it too, his words were, ‘It was brightly coloured, fast paced, music was goodand as a parent it wasn’t terrible to watch, it wasn’t boring!’ So think I have a Ben and Holly fan on my hands. 

Ben and Holly little kingdom is on at New theatre Cardiff Saturday and Sunday 10am and 4pm. You can book tickets here, prices range from £9-£16 if you don’t have anything planned I’d highly recommend it. 

 Thank you New theatre for giving Z the chance to experience the theatre, hopefully this will be the start of something we can eventually enjoy together. 

* we didn’t pay for our tickets and were gifted them for an honest review. 

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Oakwood Theme park! 

I’ve not been to Oakwood for many years, it was at one time the place all school trips were held, so when I was given tickets to review * I jumped at the chance, to make new memories with Z. 

With it being the hubbys birthday we headed off to Oakwood. He was also excited as he’s never been before. I know right! 

When we left it was sunny, shorts and tshirts weather, as we were getting closer there was just black skies waiting, then the heavens opened. I had a hoody in the car and Z had a spare coat, as for hubby nothing! It was all fine, he bought a poncho but wasn’t needed, the sun came out and every where dried up. The first few rides we went on were wet so I did have a wet bum all the way around, would have been good if the staff had some paper tissue to just give the seats a quick dry after the rain! 

Not sure if the weather put people off as when we arrived it was very quiet. Great for Z as we didn’t need to get a fast pass, as there was no queue. They do give out fast passes, I’m assuming you’ll need proof of disability like most places. The staff were great, there was one ride that we were told to just enter via the exit, he could see Z wasn’t happy he needed to walk around and was starting to play up.

There’s lots more than I remembered being there, they have a new Dahl land, Z really enjoyed the ladybird trampoline. There looks to be a nice little rollercoaster too that’s being built. Also lots of room for what ever new things are planned!

We headed up to Neverland and Z loved it. He loved the lost boys area where he could choose a colour slide and run back around and go down another! I must admit this kept him amused for a lot longer than it did us! But best part was he couldn’t escape!!

We went on a ride of London, flew with Tinkerbell, went on some airplanes, went on a pirate ship and visited the house! I loved the house, was really pretty, and the photos don’t do it justice, when I walked on the floor and it lit up my heart did skip a little looking down.

Z loved the soft play, I was surprised at how clean and safe it was. Obviously a fire door but other than that only one way in and out, that’s a huge weight lift when you can actually sit down and have that ten minutes to recharge whilst he can run and burn off his energy safely.  I’d like to see Neverland expanded as it would be lovely for a family day out.

We left Neverland to explore the rest of the park, headed to the pirate ship, treetops and megafobia, now these are what I remembered! Z is still too little for the pirate ship and megafobia, but he was fine to go on Treetops, now that’s faster than what I remembered it to be, but Z loved it, and we ended up going on it another four times, even dad came on once. 

Then dad being braver than myself took him on the open waterslides, when I saw him come whizzing down there my heart was in my mouth, but, Z being the little dare devil he is he loved it and went back on again, after attempting to run luckily the staff were quicker than dad! I don’t think I was ever brave enough to go on that when I used to go! 

We had a lovely day as a family, yes it was quiet but that was great for us, meant that Z didn’t get overstimulated whilst queuing and we could go on his favourite things more than once which is always a plus. But I think if you are looking to go on fast oh my god rides you maybe a little disappointed as there seems to be only three big rides and looking they don’t seem to be open all day.

We did get Z some chips, the prices seemed expensive but the same as other theme parks we’ve been to. What we did notice was that the park was very clean, no rubbish there were staff about picking the odd bit up. We posted some 2ps in the arcades, tried unsuccessfully to get a minion, and had a run around in the little park. 

I loved the fact that I could change Z, there was a work unit that he could lay on, saved either going back to the car or changing him on a toilet floor.

Of course we couldn’t have left the park without watching the people get drenched! Oh my!! They were brave even Z laughed at them all screaming.

I will take Z back, I want to go on the new James and the Giant peach rollercoaster! Next time maybe a few more of us so that way I can get to re live my youth and try megafobia and the pirate ship again whilst there’s someone there to watch Z, I’d book when there was a sale on as to be honest the prices did seem a little expensive. 

* I didn’t pay for my tickets, and all opinions are my own.

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Thomas land at Drayton Manor

Last Friday Z had inset day, so I took him to Thomas land at Drayton Manor, I dragged along B and B! 

I was a little worried how Z was going to manage, B also has autism so it was going to a challenge with both boys, both have different needs. 

The disabled badge allowed us to park really close to the main gate, which was a relief as not far there are also disabled toilets. 

We were greeted with smiles and armed police! Obviously after the attacks in Manchester everywhere was on high alert.

We got in, bags searched and away we went. 

First stop Thomas land, even though the park was quiet Thomas land wasn’t! We went to get a wristband that allowed entry via the exit for up to ten rides for Z and up to three others. Four people was great, that means if we went with friends all four could go with Z, whereas B had his own so together we could have used it twenty times, we used it once! Of course I try and teach Z he has to line up, we did do a little bit of waiting, but not that long, the only one that looked like it had a long queue was the rollercoaster in Thomas land. So we did go to the exit, plus we weren’t to sure how to find the start of the queue! 

We could easily have spent all day just in Thomas land, but we couldn’t say we hadn’t seen anything in the park, or the Zoo, so we went for a little walk, after soft play! Yes even have soft play. We didn’t get to go on everything in Thomas land, and we went on loads. Z’s favourite would have been crankys tower drop, he even went on on his own the second time, to hear him giggle and see the huge grin on his face he must have been in sensory heaven! I enjoyed rocking bulstode, was like a mini pirate ship but with the spinning element to it. I also liked the fact that you could get pictures, means now I have a picture of Z’s first time on a rollercoaster. 

I was impressed with the whole park, it was clean, staff were friendly and we were never rushed off any ride. It’s hard trying to explain to a four and five year old that they have to get off when the ride stops and queue back up, in all fairness we only had a handful of meltdowns between both boys. Once they knew the ride finished we’d find another they were more willing to get off and get back in a buggy. 

I also liked the fact that there were plenty of rides in the main park that Z could go on too. Even a second rollercoaster that if you listen to B we went over the ocean! How she kept her eyes open on that when she kept them closed on the one in Thomas land I don’t know! 

We had a quick walk around the zoo, but it was the hottest day of the year, so walking was going to put Z to sleep! Next time I go It won’t be so hot and I can have another look! 

There were disabled toilets dotted about, what I liked about these is there was a bench type place that I could lay Z down to change him which is a huge plus, I’ve mentioned before about how hard it is to change Z this was a godsend. 

I will take him back I think the holidays will be busy, but knowing that the fast pass is available I think I’d be brave enough to try it. 

If I don’t get there during the holidays I know this is where I’m going to take him for his birthday, they even have a party room.  Z’s not into Thomas but it may be nicer than a party, I’ll have to have a look into it. 

We really enjoyed our day out at Drayton manor, I rang to book and could have the blue badge price of £20 and as a carer I paid £20, Z had a lovely day and it was well worth the money!