Another hearing test today, after the one a few weeks back when he failed miserably by trying to fall asleep on the floor, and just cried. Ok, the night after he was in a&e and admitted with cellulitis it was possibly a good reason to not want to do anything! 
Whilst we were waiting to go in today, Z was ‘reading’ a bob the builder book! He was saying bob, and kitten, I asked where’s the cat, I don’t know the cats name,he looked at me in disgust as if to say you know nothing it’s a kitten! ( I’m still pretty certain it’s a cat!) so bobs cat was called a kitten. We had lots of words including door. I’m guessing he wanted it open. When we went in the Doctor couldn’t believe the change in him straight away. He went to get a toy I called him back and he looked at the doctor and said ‘get it’, she actually understood him. He took her by the hand and got the toy. Every time he handed her one he heard the sound go off, that was coincidence and he kept looking at the toy as if to say how do you get it to make a noise! He passed his hearing test and was discharged. 
Dropped him back off to school. When I collected him, Miss came out and said he had said ‘egg’, in my house he normally gets a kinder egg. In school he spelt it, and said it. So Miss said they had been singing chick chick chicken lay a little egg for me, everytime they stopped after little Z would say egg. We tried this on the bus and he done it. He won’t do it again tonight. 
But for the last hour he’s spelt bed, and tired. Looks at me and says tired, this last few nights he’s not been going till 9.30-10 as he’s screaming and expecting us all to go the same time. So we’ve played that one out, I’m happy going to bed at 9.30. Tonight he went up at 7.50, he’s still awake I can hear him but he didn’t go up kicking and screaming. 
It’s nice to see that it’s not only I or close family seeing progress in Z. He really is making lots of progress! 

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