Children in Need 2016

For this year’s children in need I decided to make some yummy Pudsey biscuits and cakes. I prepared all my things by deciding what cakes I was going to make and what flavour icing would go well with vanilla cupcakes. It was so fun making all the cakes and making Pudsey chocolates to decorate different things. I took some pictures of the yummy cakes and I sold them at 20p per cake or £1 for 3 different ones. I would love to do this next year as well because I made £135 this year and I made 130 cakes! I sold my cakes in mother and toddler group and in my nanny’s flat ( Ty Bryn Seion) . I would like to thank the staff and the mothers that go to mother and Toddler group for buying and eating my cakes. I would also like to thank the people in Ty Bryn Seion for also buying my cakes. My sister works in Cooper Healey and she sold cakes too so thank you. A big thanks to family as well for helping me raise soo much money for a great cause.
 Mother and toddler group:
For children in need my cousin and I did Pudsey crafts with the children. We made Pudsey masks and did colouring pictures.
Caerphilly garden centre

I went on a trip to see Caerphilly garden centre with my Auntie and Uncle and we saw loads of pretty Christmas decorations and loads of different plants. There was cacti and there was big and small plants. I also took pictures from in there.

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