For this week’s blog, I decided to write about my Christmas arts and crafts from in the house and in mother and toddler group.
The craft I did in the house was a Santa and his reindeers on a sleigh made from cardboard and knitting. I got my pack from Tesco range of go creative and I had so much fun making it.

I was a bit annoyed that it did not supply glue considering you have to glue on felt and different materials. I had help from my mam and nan who did the sewing and my dad who helped me with the super glue.

For mother and toddler group I made reindeer hand prints and decorated it with a pom pom and a bell so it would look cute and happy. For next week’s mother and toddler group I will be making another Christmas craft.

I am also very excited because starting from tomorrow I will be taking a picture a day. Jo has given me a list of what pictures to take in December as a challenge!
Next week my list is ;
December 1: Advent calendar.       December 2: Christmas list.          December 3: Pair of boots.              December 4: Something red.         December 5: Warm hot chocolate drink December 6: Something at 3:00pm. December 7: Stripes

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