Was a good day, think Z really enjoyed himself this year. Was a little worried on Christmas Eve when he went to bed with a temp of 39.4 then was sick during the night. He woke at 1.15 or so and wouldn’t or couldn’t go back to sleep, he fell asleep around 10.30 and woke at 12.15. He hung on well. At 7 or so took him into our bedroom to open his stocking, he was more excited about the lolly and kinder egg, the presents are still wrapped! Let him eat the lolly and open the egg before fetching him downstairs. I knew there was drums there so for the sake of my neighbours we kept him upstairs till a reasonable time!
He walked in and the first thing he went to was the car track my nan had gotten him, he had hold of 2 cars when he noticed his drums, dropped the cars to play the drums, then noticed his trampoline and had a little bounce. He didnt open any presents, he looked at everything and carried his peppa pig figures around. We opened ours,pooch opened his and ran about! 
By 10.30 Z had fallen asleep with his iPad that he had gone upstairs to get, some sort of normality! 
He woke and we went to nans for diner. All gluten free for me, was the first Christmas I went to bed not feeling sick, was fab! 
Of course Z had his cheese spread sarnie for diner before we went, then had his cheese dipper and jelly for desert. I did put some turkey on his tray that he fed to the dog! I did put a pea there and I’m sure the dog got that too! 
Popped down to his other nans then, he ran and ran down there as that’s what he does! 
Home and bed by 7.30! Poor kid was so tired. 
This year he took notice of all his new things, he smiled throughout. He went with dad to nans today when me and nan went shopping, then we went down nans for tea, again he was really good. Smiling ad laughing. Home and in bed by 7.30! 
Hopefully pooch don’t wake us barking at 8.15 in the morning ! 
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. 

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