I’m seeing lots of posts on social media of lots of excited little children, food left out for santa and big piles of gifts. Parents who are tipsy and trying to get stuff sorted. Me, I’m already laying in bed! I wasn’t risking waking Z at 9 when he went to sleep, so I took it all down and left him with dad in the spare room. I’m glad I did as there’s no way to be quiet with a drum kit! 
This year I promised myself I wasn’t doing it, I was getting a few odds and ends and that would be it. I did panic when I only had six gifts wrapped but I didn’t head out shopping. 
I don’t want to over stimulate Z, I want tomorrow to go as smoothly as it can go. Last night he woke crying a few times I’m hoping tonight will be better. I’ve put his stocking on his bed, he may not even notice it when he gets up. 
The first thing he’ll see are his drums, they are not wrapped. 
Do I feel guilty for not getting him lots, in some ways I do, in other ways I don’t. I’ve not wasted money on stuff he will show no interest in. At least now when he gets stuff all year I can justify it to myself! It’s Christmas everyday! Plus I don’t owe a single penny on my credit card which I’m really proud of! 
Am I sad that he went to bed not excited like all the other four year olds, yes, but this year he’s taken more notice than last and next year I think he’ll understand a little more too, he’ll remeber this year as he’s taken more notice of it. I hope. 
I know he’ll have plenty, he’ll have gifts when we head to my parents and his routine is to open them after diner, this spaces it out and it not too much for him when he walks in to the living room. 
He’ll have his dinner of cheese spread sandwiches,  microchips,  jelly, yoghurt, crisps and he’ll be happy, I hope he’ll sit at the table with us, the reality he’ll be on the floor spelling or with his iPad. 
When you have children you think by four  it will be all full of fun, you don’t think of hype effecting them. I know I’m lucky we can keep a tree. Tonight before bed it was time to open one present. He done it, and he done it with a smile. For the last three days I’ve been encouraging him to open one to unwrap, we’ve managed one other! 
I hope everyone isn’t too busy at 10.30 on Christmas Eve, or too drunk, I’m off to bed! 
Goodnight and merrry Christmas 

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