We’re not those families that do things on Christmas Eve, we don’t really have a tradition.
Sometimes we head to my nans, somedays like this year it was the day before. Some years were still doing Christmas shopping and some like this year we were just going for a look!
The day before Christmas Eve Z gets a little box of gifts off nanny and grampa, they are there for him to open, to play with to have a look, to prepare him for the next few days. Yesterday he opened two, and left it, went back and had a little look but didn’t bother again. I don’t force him he will when he’s ready. This morning he went back again, he opened four. This is huge progress in even opening gifts as last year we struggled getting him to open one or two.
I went shopping, Z stayed at home with dad. When I got home it was tidy up time. The house is still a mess, there’s still dust everywhere and sweeping it or even hoovering it doesn’t have any effect. So I can only do as much as I can.
I brought down his Christmas Eve box, with a balloon that I got today! He played with the balloon which I knew he would. We had a bath with his Christmas Eve bath bomb, put on new pjs and new shoes/slippers. The only toy in the box was a marble run that I really couldn’t be bothered to wrap I was done! He’s splashing about in the bath whilst I’m attempting to put it together. He loved it and played with it for ages. Before heading Back to his room where his numbers and letters are scattered everywhere! But that’s ok, that’s his normal, there’s no dust in his room, no Christmas there either it’s the same he’s safe there.
I’m pleased with how far he’s come in a year, how much more inquisitive he is, he unwrapped a smelly gift set meant for his dad but he was happy he unwrapped it. Last year he wouldn’t have done that and not all by himself.
Tomorrow we’ll go with him, he’ll unwrap what he wants to unwrap and play with what he wants to play with, I know at nans he’ll have all his numbers and letters about, he’ll have his pizza for dinner with some jelly as his desert, and again I’m ok with it. Maybe one day he’ll sit and have a Christmas diner but until then it’s what ever he’s eating at the time!

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