There’s no getting away from it, is everywhere. Obviously as it’s five days away.
I’m lucky Z isn’t bothered by the tree being up or the lights. He’s gone to have a look a few times but not really bothered. Is this because he’s generally uninterested, he really couldn’t care less about the tree or he remembers it comes out know and again every year! 
I know Christmas Day it self will be quite overwhelming for him, that’s why he’ll get a few gifts off my parents for Christmas Eve, open his on Christmas Day, then my parents after diner Christmas Day, and maybe even some on Boxing Day. Diner will consist of his cheese spread sandwiches, jelly, yoghurt, crisps, biscuits and if I’m lucky he’ll eat an apple or some raisins for me. If I’m really lucky he’ll sit at the table and eat it with the rest of us, in reality he’ll be on the settee watching his iPad with some micro chips! 
I think this is a little hard as a parent, no child to be excited that the big guy in red is coming, no child to understand the elf on the self, but there’s others who really struggle, even with the small things of a tree. 
At least after Christmas we’ll bring in the new year and we’re back to school, near enough straight away. The same week! 
Not sure where or what we’ll do these next few days, shopping again as Z has gone through my tubs of Christmas chocolate! He found them the beginning of December and has slowly made his way through, with the help of Dad! 

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