I worried when Z stopped playing with his numbers and letters, more for the fact of was it a regression. 
When he showed an interest in spelling words and trying really hard to say those words I encouraged him. I didn’t put them away as the first thing he would do is pull them back out. 
We’ve been struggling with bed for ages and even getting him up the stairs. The last few weeks he’s been taking his iPad and falling asleep. If this works he can take it. 
What we’ve found is he has to finish spelling a word before he’ll do anything else, that’s the first thing he’ll do in the morning to the point of not eating his breakfast and taking his smoothie with him. All because he needed to spell words. It was becoming a little obsessive.
This week we’ve had trouble every morning, I took the approach of let him finish what he’s spelling but he’ll quickly start another. G took the approach of grabbing him to dress him this made him kick and scream and everyone shouting at one another and all leaving the house stressed. 
After speaking to the class teacher she said he had been having a few problems in school and they’ve had to take letters off him as he’s refusing to do things, more to the point of not wanting to leave the letters. 
So yesterday all his numbers and letters were put away. He looked everywhere and I’m sure said number to me. This morning they were not there. He sat with his iPad and ate his toast and drank his smoothie, he got dressed fine and we all left the house not stressed. He’d even had a better day at school. He came home and for the first time in what feels like forever he played in his sensory room, he played the drums and with toys. 
I’ll speak to aba therapist tomorrow as she’s said not to take them all let him keep his favourites but he don’t have favourites! I’m sure the letters cut out from a newspaper would be fine. 
He can have them at nans tomorrow, and on Saturday they can come out for an hour or two, be put away and the same will be done Sunday. 
I’m not taking them off him completely but restricting the time like others do with computers! 
I feel really bad as he does love them. But as he is with his iPad if they are not there hes not too bothered. Hopefully he’ll remember he has other things to play with and he won’t be so obsessive with them.  

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